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More Woes For Americans As Government Shutdown Continues With No Deal Insight

The Government shutdown continued unresolved by either Party. None of the negotiations between two bore any fruit.

The shutdown was now in its third day and based on reports it could remain closed a while longer.

Trump was apparently keeping a low profile since the shutdown started. Charles Schumer had become the most popular person with #SchumerShutdown taking top spot.

It was clear that much blame was being placed on Schumer for the shutdown.

The White House had placed Stephen Miller as the one who would negotiate over immigration. Sen. Lindsey Graham wasn’t keen on Miller and condemned his tactics.

Sour Negotiations

Graham told reporters “as long as Stephen Miller is in charge of negotiating immigration, we are going nowhere. He’s been an outlier for years.”

“I’ve talked with the President; his heart is right on this issue. He’s got a good understanding of what will sell. And every time we have a proposal, it is only yanked back by staff members,” he added.

White House spokesman Hogan Gidley responded to what Graham said about Miller.

He said “as long as Sen. Graham chooses to support legislation that sides with people in this Country illegally and unlawfully instead of our own American citizens, we’re going nowhere. He’s been an outlier for years.”

“We have yet to reach an agreement on a path forward that would be acceptable for both sides,” said Schumer.

These comments tell the story about the ongoing negotiations. If this continued to be the mindset of leaders then the Country could be in trouble.

Blame, Blame

Both sides continued to blame the other and the Country wasn’t any better off for it.

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota said “the question is, how do we get out of here in a way that reflects what the majority of the body wants to do?”

A number of Senators met with Schumer hoping for some compromise with a deal to end the shutdown. However there was still no deal that was accepted by either Party.

Frank Sharry, the Executive Director of the immigration advocacy group America’s Voice shared his thoughts about Schumer stance.

He said “he had the backbone to lead his caucus into a high-stakes, high risk battle. It thrilled progressives. But if the shutdown ends because Democrats blink first, the era of good feeling quickly will be replaced by anger and disappointment.”

So far Schumer showed no sign of giving in as Trump kept out of the picture and held a low profile.

John Feehery, a Republican strategist said “in these situations, the less you’re seen the better, and not just for him, for any President.”

“You kind of want, by your lack of presence, to highlight this being a case of Congressional incompetence, as opposed to Presidential incompetence, and how you do that is by carefully managing your appearances. The more he appears in public, the more this becomes a Trump problem,” he added.

Regardless of who was blamed and what was said, the problem lied squarely on all leaders. They created the mess, they should clean it up.

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