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How Will Virginia’s Deadlock Race Be Resolved As Decision To Break Tie Postponed

Virginians would be waiting a little longer to have a deadlock resolved. What could be considered a dramatic election saw a vote overturned to bring a tie in the Virginia race.

Democratic candidate, Shelly Simonds originally led 51 to 49 to win. Republican incumbent, David Yancey was her opponent. His lawyer eventually filed a dispute about a ballot.

A ballot that showed a vote for both persons was thrown out at first. The ballot was then allowed to be part of the count after a three Judge panel heard the matter.

The ballot showed a line through Ms. Simonds name, which indicated to some that the vote was for Mr. Yancey.

However the vote should be rendered useless because both names were initially chosen.

Now the matter could be decided by pulling a name. It was also noted of ways used in the past to solve such matters.

Breaking Electoral Deadlocks

State law required the persons in the race to have their name drawn from a bowl. This idea wasn’t well liked as it seemed like a trivial way to resolve such a serious issue.

Yet it was reported that matters like these were once resolved with a coin toss or even a poker game.

Mayor Margaret Gentle faced such a thing in 1987 after a tie with Frank Coulter for North Port. Tampa.

She said “I will not in any way participate in a coin flip for the highest office of this city. I won’t degrade the office.”

Let’s hope this matter would be solved in a more civilized distinguished manner.

The Results

Parker Slaybaugh, a spokesman for the House Republican Caucus spoke on behalf of Mr.Yancey. He said “we believe the court acted appropriately and that the integrity of the process is without question. We are reviewing the filing and determining what, if any, response we might file.”

Ms. Simonds said “I stand by the results of the recount. I believe it was a fair process guided by rules.”

Simonds had appeal the ruling to add the ballot after it was first rejected.

James Alcorn, the Chairman of the election board believed drawing names should be the last option on the table.

He said that “neutral Election Administrators should not be choosing election winners or influencing the next speaker of the House.” “Drawing names is an action of last resort,” he added.

The outcome could further interrupt the balance between the two Parties. A win here for Democrats would strengthen their ranks. Likewise a win here for Republicans would help the President.

This could be the reason why the outcome had taken the road it did.

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