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Will The US Show Of Force Deter North Korea?

The US has taken to the skies in its latest attempt to quiet Kim Jong-un. North Korea recently fired another missile despite new sanctions.

The UN has been working vigorously to find ways to halt North Korea’s nuclear program. Until this very moment no attempt has been fruitful.

Kim Jong-un refuses to back down. He has made more threats after new sanctions were announced. The North Korean leader shows no sign of taking advice from anyone.

Kim has been making threats for a long time. He has also boasted of large improvements in the capabilities of his missiles.

Analyst themselves have confirmed that the said missiles are a threat. They believe such missiles have the ability to reach the US heartland.

Air Force

America and its allies responded to the latest missile launch. They took to the skies in a show of strength with stealth bombers and jets.

This is something that America usually does after such a threat. The US flew the planes over the Korean Peninsula.

The flyover showcased live fire attacks on targets in South Korea. South Korea and the US conducted the live weapons drill.

The US and Japan took part in formation flying practice near Kyushu.

The latest test in September has been called the most powerful test to date for Kim.

China’s Dilemma

China is facing great pressure because of North Korea. They have been supplying Kim with much needed aid.

The US has been applying pressure on China to force North Korea to stop its nuclear program.

America has received criticism from China’s Communist Party newspaper. It wrote “the so-called ‘China’s responsibility theory’ is essentially moral kidnapping.”

China is not pleased with North Korea’s actions but is in a hard place. They don’t want North Korea to crumble. Neither do they want refugees in their land or America to march into North Korea.

The North could eventually be a threat to China. Kim Jong-un has proven himself a person who follows his own dictates.

China also was against the threats made by both Countries. They believed such efforts are counterproductive.

Lu Kang said “some related parties keep sending threatening messages both in words and deeds that include warnings of military actions to each other.”

Lu Kang is spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry. He also said “but actually, these kinds of actions didn’t help solving the problem. But further complicate the situation, which do no good to the resolution of the peninsular issue.”

Nothing has worked, for many years the problem has been ongoing. It is clear that no one wants war.

Allowing North Korea to continue however is leaving many Countries uneasy. No one knows what to expect from Kim.

This in itself continues to cause headaches for many World Leaders. America has been at the forefront of this conflict. Japan and South Korea also find themselves involved due to close proximity.

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