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Could Voter Fraud Put The 2020 Election On Hold?

The 2016 Election has only finished about 10 months now. Trump has been President for about 8 months.

This hasn’t stopped anyone from looking at the next Presidential Election. There are already polls about if the election should take place.

Many people have responded to the poll. The number of people who suggest that the Elections should be put on hold is overwhelming.

The reason for this is all based on accusations of fraud. Trump has been talking fraudulent votes for a long time. He hasn’t been able to prove his claims as yet.

This has also caused issues among States who requested voters information.

Voter’s Fraud

Trump has been accusing the Democrats of voter’s fraud all during his campaign. He won the Presidency despite all the claims he made.

The accusations continued even after winning. What could have caused Trump to believe there was fraud?

It all seems to stem from immigration. It is believed that many of the votes came from illegal immigrants.

Trump won the Electoral College vote, but lost the popular vote. He lost the popular by almost 3 million votes to Clinton.

Trump believes that the Democrats cheated with that vote since he lost there. His supporters do as well and have fully backed the President’s claims.

Trump said postponing the Elections is the only way to ensure a fair vote. His supporters showed solidarity when they a responded to the poll.

At least 52% percent of Republican voters are fine with postponing 2020.

Democrats Say

Democrats have denied any voter’s fraud. Along with denying any such deeds, they refuse to co-operate.

Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission has received a hard time from Democrats.

Paul Ryan the Speaker of the House responded to voting claims. He said “I’ve seen no evidence to that effect. I’ve made that very, very clear.”

The President apparently doesn’t believe Ryan. The accusations continue as before, even without evidence.

Senator Lindsey Graham asked the President for the information he has, but none was forthcoming. He said”I am begging the President, share with us the information you have about this or please stop saying it.”

Many Democrats disagree with the accusations. It was also said that Trump can’t postpone the Elections.

Ariel Malka and Yphtach Lelkes conducted the polls. They believe any talk of postponing Elections would create a backlash from Democrats.

Furthermore no one in the Trump Administration has suggested it publicly. Congress has the power to postpone the Elections.

They can only do this like any other bill. It must be voted and approved by the majority.

Steven F. Huefner is a law professor. He says that Trump couldn’t postpone Elections if he wanted to. The Constitution only allows a President to stay in office to January 20 noon time.

Congress can choose someone but the President can’t make that decision himself.

Trump won the Election despite voter fraud claims. So called voting fraud didn’t stop him then and shouldn’t now.

Ironically the President also has the inquiry on his heels about Russian meddling. Mueller has been progressive in his investigation.

So on one hand voter fraud claims and on the other hand the Russian interference.

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