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Civil War Statues Being Torn Down Nationwide Leading To Heightened Emotions

Controversy has been brewing in the US over many Confederate monuments. This has been happening mostly in the South of the Country.

Tensions have gotten so high, that lives have been lost. The removal of such statues has caused a great divide.

The monuments have created two main groups. Those opposed to the removal of statues. Then there are those for the removal of them.

The statues which are considered Confederate have been erected for decades. These monuments are in memory of the Civil War.

It is believed that similar monuments are all over America. But what significance do these monuments hold for the Country.

If not the whole Country, what do they hold for those opposed to their removal?

What about those who want the statues gone? What significance does the removal have for them? Why is there such a rift about this that leads to violence?

American Civil War

The American civil war started in 1861 and concluded in 1865. The seven Southern States better known as the Confederate reportedly started the war.

They fought the Northern States who apparently wouldn’t let them go. The first battle was at a US fort in South Carolina.

The main issues responsible for the war were slavery. The South was for slavery, while the North was against it.

War started since the States involved were at odds and couldn’t unite on the matter. Some believe it was disunion itself that started the war.

Regardless of opinion there was a war and it changed the outlook of America.

Removal Of Statues

Statues of Robert Lee and Stonewall Jackson have been removed. These men were considered two of the greatest Generals that fought for the Confederacy. They represent what the Deep South stood for those many years ago.

A statue of Roger B. Taney was removed as well. This followed the removal of the Confederate statues. Taney represented anti slavery, he fought for the freedom of slaves.

Throughout the US are hundreds of Confederate Statues. Law makers have ordered the removal of many of them.

The war itself showed disunity among the States in that era. The disunity may have quieted down a bit, but has raised its head again.

The Confederacy represents slavery and hate to others based on history. The statues themselves represent the same, since they are in memory of these men.

The statues are of men who fought the unifying of States. They fought to keep people enslaved to benefit themselves. To leave these statues say we agree with them.

That desire still exists today and showed its ugly head recently. The violence at Charlottesville and other rallies have sparked more hate.

The war of 1865 may have been won by the North. But the war has found another way to continue. That is evident in how many are treated and considered unequal.

The problem goes all the way to the top. This has made the problem harder to stem.

So is there any significance if the statues stay, you be the judge?

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