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Mike Pence Skillfully Avoids The Limelight To Avoid Any Backlash

President Trump has been the headline of many news agencies. He has time and again made the news with his tweets.

The firing and hiring of many a person has also brought much controversy. Then there is the Russian meddling investigation.

Through all of this one scarcely sees or hears Mike Pence. He has kept himself out of harm’s way many times. One only has to look at the news and will notice Pence’s reservation.

One of the few times he faced criticism is from when Comey was fired. He said one thing and the President another.

He has been able to support Trump, but still keep himself clear. This takes extraordinary skill and Pence should be applauded.

Pence have been able to do the job of VP exceptionally well. He has lead out in many plans to rebuild the Country’s infrastructure.

Trump or Pence

It is widely believed that Trumps economic plan is from Pence. He has taken the lead which makes the idea even more convincing.

Pence and allies have often boasted about private firms running State projects. Indiana benefited from this move, easing taxpayers.

This method of raising expenditure has put Pence in the forefront. Trump has sent Pence to different Countries. Taking Trump’s infrastructure plan to foreign investors is key.

Unseen at times is Pence running the Country. This observation comes from what Trump has considered most important.

Trump has spent much time tweeting. Pence have been working on getting the economy working. Could it be that Pence is the backbone of the White House?

He works in the shadows while Trump takes the limelight?

Role Player

VP Pence has been playing his role well. There haven’t been any known clashes between the President and his VP.

Pence have faced many questions about Trump’s behavior. He has said time and again he supports the President.

The Vice President is one of few who hasn’t have conflict with Trump. He has taken his role to heart and played his part.

Trump and Pence clashing would certainly seem unscripted. Nevertheless anything is possible. An incident like this would certainly change things.

Trump hasn’t been silent on the matter though. He has been hitting the road to push his agenda. Or is that the Pence agenda? The agenda’s main goal is about tolling on interstates.

Either way both parties are on the same page. The objective is the same and the economy has already shown growth.

Will Pence be able to always avoid the controversies surrounding his boss? His time in office hasn’t been very long. He has faced criticism from some who might want to implicate him.

Pence though have been playing a good hand. How much longer will that hand work for him? Time will tell as controversies continue to linger and surface.

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