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The US Does Missile Test As It Contemplates North Korean Threats

Tensions between the US and North Korea have escalated. The White House has become even more concerned with Kim’s recent threats. The North Korean Government has continued to launch missiles, testing their capabilities.

On the other hand, the US has tested one of their missiles recently. The missile traveled 4200 miles to the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. It had what is called a reentry vehicle which provided the data.

The missile was launched from a base in California, but didn’t carry an armed device. The recorded time of launch was 2:10 a.m.

A team from the 90th Missile Wing, the 30th Space Wing and the 576th Flight Test Squadron conducted the launch.


There is certain unrest in the White House about the current situation with North Korea. Talks of war have been mentioned before, but it looks more likely to happen now.

The white House gave a statement in response to military action against North Korea. Huckabee said “all options are on the table” but the administration would not “broadcast what we’re going to do.”

She said the main goal of the White House is to stop North Korea from testing missiles.

Senator Graham said Trump told him he is willing to go to war if it comes to that. If North Korea continues to fire missiles, then he would consider that option.

Analysts believe that a large part of the US Mainland is in reach of the ICBM missiles of North Korea.

Routine Tests

Michele Rollins said that the test was normal and wasn’t related to North Korea’s missile tests. Rollins is an Air Force Captain and said that the Military usually does four tests per year and have them scheduled long before testing.

Col. Michael Hough who is the 30th Space Wing Commander also gave a statement. He said “These test launches require the highest-degree of technical competence and commitment at every level.”Hough is also the launch authority for missile testing.

The US has the Minuteman III missile. It is the Country’s only land based ICBM missile. The Air Force Global Strike Command has tested almost 300 of these missiles since the program started.

Another was done in February of this year. The missile launched recently is also a Minuteman III missile.

North Korea last missile test lasted about 45 minutes and flew about 1000 km in a lateral direction. The analysts believe it broke up while reentering the atmosphere.

The US Air Force recently did a 10 hour mission in response to North Korean activities. 2 Japanese F-2 fighter jets and U.S. B-1 bombers flew over Japan air space. They then flew over the Korean Peninsula with 4 South Korean F-15 fighter jets.

The days ahead will dictate the future of the Country. As tensions escalate with the North Koreans anything can happen. What is certain at this point, North Korea have shown no signs of stopping.

It is just a matter of what will the White House and its allies do.

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