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The Truth About White House Disloyalty Has Been Confirmed

The White House staff has been accused of unrest in the administration. This has been denied by the leading figures in the White House.

On several occasions it was reported that the administration faced unrest. During the few months that Trump has been in office, many have received and lost jobs.

The regular firing is another reason that unrest was reported . The truth has finally come to the fore. It seems as though insiders are trying to undermine the President’s office.

The President not only has to fight those without but within. Making his job all the more difficult.


Ryan Zinke is the Interior Secretary. He has made it clear that a large number of persons do not support Trump.

He said “I got 30 percent of the crew that’s not loyal to the flag.” Zinke said he knew this when he took over in March.

Zinke compared the administration to a pirate ship. He said “we do have good people.” Zinke thinks persons have to be held accountable for their actions.

He has concerns about how the Government is supported by those it employs.

Zinke said “there’s too many ways in the present process for someone who doesn’t want to get (a regulatory action) done to put it a holding pattern.”


His plan is to reshape the administration. Anyone who he considers a threat to Trump must go or be placed somewhere else.

He plans to move major decision making outside Washington. Seems strange since that is where the Government is located.

Regarding his strategy for change he said “push your generals where the fight is.”

He said the President wanted it to happen for a long time now. Zinke talked about energy, he mentioned the oil and gas industry.

Zinke said “I really can’t change the culture without changing the structure.” He spoke regarding the energy industry. He said “It’s going to be huge.”

He talked about other aspects of the Government. Zinke mentioned the Endangered Species Act. He thinks that the act has been taken advantage of.

Trumps goal is to change the governing process. He aims to restructure the way the Government works. For that to work he must weed out any opposition and replace them.

Loyalty is a big deal for any Government. For any President to succeed he will need those who are loyal by his side. They must work up front, behind and center.

If what Zinke is saying is true, then Trump and Zinke have a tall task. One third of the staff is a huge amount.

Zinke has to hope that whoever he finds as replacements aren’t disloyal as well.

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