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How Trump’s New Hampshire Comments Raised Eyebrows

Trump continues to put his foot in his mouth. His latest comments on New Hampshire has caused outcry from its residents. It is amazing that the President would say such things. Especially since Trump won in the State of New Hampshire

It is reported that Trump said “I won New Hampshire because New Hampshire is a drug-infested den.” This allegedly occurred while he was talking to the Mexican President.

Such comments could backfire to haunt Trump later. New Hampshire is considered a must win Primary State. Ironic that Trump spoke badly about Mexico and drugs. Now he is speaking to the Mexican President about drugs and New Hampshire.


Senators took to twitter to tweet about what Trump said. They expressed their disgust. Senator Maggie Hassan tweeted Trumps comments about New Hampshire are disgusting. As he knows, NH and states across America have a substance misuse crisis 1.

Another tweet read Trump owes NH an apology & then should follow through on his promise to Granite Staters to help end this crisis 1/2.

This all only matters if Trump is seeking reelection. Some believe that Trump lacks understanding. His comments show he doesn’t understand the drug problem.

Various Drugs

Mexico is responsible for some of the drugs coming into the Country. Despite this fact, many over the counter drugs and prescribed drugs are causing problems too.

New Hampshire has an opioid problem, which is killing more Americans than heroin.

It is estimated that an average of 142 people die daily because of this epidemic. Christie asked the President to declare a National Emergency.

Despite all of this, Trump hasn’t done anything to assist the problem.

Reports indicate that over 2 million people suffer from heroin and opioids addiction.

Drug Assessment

It is claimed that Trump used the very drug problem to win the election. It is said that he talked about drugs most of the time. He winning the Presidency has its roots in the drug talk.

Trump made promises in February about the drug problem. He said “This is going to be a real wall.” He said “this is going to stop the heroin and the drugs from coming to New Hampshire.”

Trump hasn’t kept his promise about solving the drug problem.

If Trump thinks New Hampshire is a drug infested den. Then why isn’t he doing anything about it? A recent request was made by Christie to Trump.

The people of New Hampshire have a lot to offer. The epidemic doesn’t represent the State, just a portion of those who live in it.

Why has Trump chosen to speak about the people of this State in such a way? What could be the reason for such a move?

New Hampshire is considered a swing State, but the US is far from election time. Trump’s time in the White House so far has seen him with 1 win.

Trump has only been able to get his pick on the Supreme Court. Trump has been having a hard time getting his Policies supported by Congress.

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