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Russian Probe Causes Mueller To Issue Grand Jury Subpoenas

Robert Mueller’s staff has increased by one more individual. Greg Andres has joined Mueller’s team to become his 16th Lawyer. The team consists of Prosecutors and Lawyers.

Mueller has been appointed a Special Counsel since May. From then till now he has been gathering information.

After months of investigation Mueller and his team have assigned a Grand Jury. The Grand Jury has already started to work over the past few weeks.

This report was made by the Washington Post, confirmation is yet to come.

The inquiry is about Trump interference in the 2016 US elections. It is alleged that he and Russia meddled in the election.

Trump has denied this from the very beginning, so has Moscow who claimed no interference.

Grand Jury

The use of the Grand Jury allows Mueller to order subpoenas. Any person he sees as a credible witness can be forced to testify. A Grand Jury gives him what is necessary to get evidence.

The Grand Jury comprises ordinary citizens. They are responsible for looking at evidence and any sort of crime. Unseen to the public eye, they carry out their investigation.

They can then decide based on evidence if a person or persons should be charged.

Sarah Huckabee commented on a statement she said Comey made. She made it clear that Comey said Trump wasn’t under investigation.

Mueller’s Possible Objectives

With the Grand Jury in place the possibility arises of subpoenas being issued to various parties. This can include the Trump family financial records. Trump has warned Mueller to stay away from that issue for whatever reason.

Special Counsel for Trump said he wasn’t aware of any Grand Jury. Nevertheless he said “the White House favors anything that accelerates the conclusion of his work fairly. The White House is committed to fully cooperating with Mr. Mueller.”

Thom Tillis is one of the Senators pushing to have a bill passed that could protect Mueller. He said “This is something that lives long beyond this” situation involving Mueller.”

He is quoted as saying “and I think it’s also something that begins to re-establish the reputation for independence in the Department of Justice.”

Apparently the bill hasn’t been passed yet. The President has the power to fire Mueller before the legislature is passed.

If the President wants to fire him he can at this point. Efforts to reach Mueller’s office were unsuccessful.

The President has ridiculed Mueller in recent times. His allies have joined him as well. He was even asked to step down by one Republican law maker.

Word is the President is currently not under investigation. The investigation however is seeking to know if Trump did know about the meeting. Did he know about the meeting before or after ?

Paul Callan, a former Prosecutor gave his thoughts on the latest developments.

He said “given that Mueller inherited an investigation that began months ago. It would suggest that he has uncovered information pointing in the direction of criminal charges. But against whom is the real question.”

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