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Trump’s Ratings Drops Even Further As He Lacks Accomplishment

Trump’s lack of accomplishment is affecting him significantly. The latest polls show a drop in ratings. The drop isn’t a big one, but it is still declining.

Since taking office Trump has seen his ratings drop. Each time a poll is taken, less people believe in his ability.

The reasons keep piling up as some have doubts about his leadership capabilities.


Trump has failed to do many of the things he promised. Health care is one of the areas where he is failing at present. The main reason for this is due to a bill that Congress won’t approve. They believe it is skinny as it stands and needs reform.

Another problem Trump faces is the Russian probe. Investigators are currently conducting investigations in Trump and his son. They are looking at the President’s alleged involvement with Moscow.

Congress believes Russia meddled in the last election. Trump won that election.

There is the issue of transparency in the White House. Many of the accusations against the Presidential office have been denied.

Then later those same accusations have been accepted as true by the same parties.

Trump’s Administration has a history of firing and hiring in the short time he has been in office.

Trump’s biggest problem right now is that he has no stability. This means that his credibility continues to decline in the eyes of the people.

What The Polls Say

Originally in Spring, 35% believed Trump kept his promises. That percentage is now 19% and dropping.

A recent poll reported 15% think he is level headed, while 26% said they are proud of him as the President.

Polls also showed a drop in performance numbers. The number of persons who had originally agreed with his performance has declined. He has lost the support of many of his Republican voters.

Even as some dislike his traits of character, they still approve of his overall performance.

Another survey puts Trump’s ability to get the job done at 28%. A 10% drop from March as his supporters start to doubt his abilities.

His Republican support move from 80% to 67% according to a poll carried out. This indicates that 4 in 10 Americans approve of Trumps overall performance. While 6 in 10 Americans don’t believe in his current performance.

Trump is known to condemn the polls, saying they are fake. The polls still are carried out with the results showing decline continually.

The polls aren’t the only angle that shows the fall from grace though. The continual lack of support from many of his Party colleagues is becoming overwhelming.

Majority of the bills that Trump has brought to Congress have been denied. He is having a rough time getting legislation passed.

The main reason for this comes from the Senators having a different view on his proposals. Some are considered outright inappropriate.

There is also a fear that Trump will do whatever it takes to do things his own way. His methods and ideology are very different from many of the Senators.

Based on the polls results, Trump needs to change his strategy if he wants his ratings to rise.

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