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Trump Has Taken Health Care To A Downward Spiral

The latest push by Trump to destroy Obama Care has been tough for some. The insurance companies are already crying out. Health stocks have plummeted and many people will lose out on medical insurance.

Trump has been really enjoying the results of his Executive Order. After health insurance stocks fell Trump tweeted how happy he was about it.

He tweeted “health insurance stocks, which have gone through the roof during the ObamaCare years, plunged yesterday after I ended their Dems windfall!”

He also said “that money is a subsidy for insurance companies. Take a look at their stocks. Look where they are. They’re going through the roof.”

Trump also said he was proud of the signing of the Executive Order.

Insurance Companies

The move by Trump was followed by a letter from insurers and hospital associations. The letter was addressed to Congress.

The letter read “there will be serious consequences without Congressional action. Millions will face higher premiums, fewer choices, and less access to the medical care they need. Let’s work together on solutions that deliver the access, care, and coverage that the American people deserve.”

This clearly means that many people will suffer the most from Trump’s order. Many Americans already find it hard to afford premiums, this only makes matters worse.

The President tweeted “money pouring into Insurance Companies profits, under the guise of ObamaCare, is over. They have made a fortune. Dems must get smart & deal!”

Proud President

Trump is confident that what he has done is the right thing. It is clear that regardless of who loses out on health care isn’t an issue for him.

“Very proud of my Executive Order which will allow greatly expanded access and far lower costs for HealthCare,” Trump tweeted. “Millions of people benefit!”

What may seem like a viable plan could hurt in the long run.  The biggest worry is the rise in cost of health premiums due to the order.

Marsha Clark is a 61 year old real estate broker. She was concerned her premium would skyrocket. She said “I’m stressed out about the insurance, stressed out about the overall economy, and I’m very stressed out about our President.”

This sentiment is shared by many other Americans. Sherry Riggs said she recently had bypass surgery. Her payments are low, but now things could change.

Her thoughts on what the order would cause were certain. She said “probably for some people it would be a death sentence.”

“I think it’s kind of a tragic decision on the president’s part. It scares me because I don’t think I’ll be able to afford it next year,” she said.

The President is patting himself on the back. But many American are already concerned about what the order will cause.

Who is the President really serving? Is he serving Himself or the Country?

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