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Trump Pressures GOP To Stop Russia Probe As Jeff Sessions Won’t Talk

It was reported that President Trump recently pressured GOP leaders to stop the inquiry. To some this could come across as a sign of guilt. Or it could also mean that the length of time was becoming frustrating.

There had been an indication by an analyst that the inquiry could end this year. That suggestion was quickly downplayed. Others believed the probe would still be ongoing in 2018.

Another headline mentioned Jeff Sessions refusal to say whether or not Trump asked him to end the inquiry.

There was certainly a concern about this matter. Why would Trump press for the probe’s end? That was if the allegation is true?

GOP Pressured

Senator Richard Burr indicated that Trump wanted to see the inquiry end. Burr said “it was something along the lines of, ‘I hope you can conclude this as quickly as possible.” He was quoting Trump and said he replied with “when we have exhausted everybody we need to talk to, we will finish.”

Senator Dianne Feinstein thought the President was out of line with his request. Feinstein was once the Chairwoman of the Intelligence Committee.

Feinstein said “it is pressure that should never be brought to bear by an official when the legislative branch is in the process of an investigation.”

Sessions Refusal

Jeff Sessions refusal to answer questions by the Russian probe committee doesn’t help Trump. He was possibly in a tough situation. His answer might implicate Trump and not answering could also be seen as guilt.

Rep. Adam Schiff said “I asked the Attorney General whether he was ever instructed by the President to take any action that he believed would hinder the Russia investigation and he declined to answer the question.”

“If the President did not instruct him to take any action that he believed would hinder the Russia investigation, he should say so. If the President did instruct him to hinder the investigation in any way, in my view, that would be a potentially criminal act and certainly not covered by any privilege,” said Schiff.

It was certainly understandable why Sessions refused to answer. Nevertheless it only served to make lawmakers suspicious of the President.

Schiff made a reference to Sessions refusal to answer. He said “that, under any conceivable idea, is not privileged, so I think that is even a weaker argument to make than with respect to a particular conversation that he may have had with the President.”

The situation now placed in the President in a predicament about his integrity. This could cause the American people to have even less confidence in him.

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