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Trump Criticized For Improper Handling Of Fallen Soldiers

President Trump has received much criticism for his handling of America’s fallen soldiers.

He had accused former Presidents of failing to show sympathy to the families who lost loved ones.

What he said was quickly refuted by those who knew better. Various tweets showing images proved that Trump was incorrect with his statement.

Now the President faces even more criticism for how he dealt with the issue of the fallen. He was accused of taking too long to respond to the deaths of those slain.

Four soldiers lost their lives in an ambush in Niger. John McCain thinks the White House owes the people an explanation on what happened in Niger.

The President also offered the father of a slain soldier $25,000. It was reported that he never received the money. After that report became public it was said that the check was sent.

Niger Ambush

McCain believes that a detailed report should be given on what happened during the ambush.

The group of soldiers was told that no enemy fire was expected. However the soldiers were attacked by militants that took the life of four men.

Another issue that Trump faced was a report about a statement he made. It was reported that Trump told the wife of one of the soldiers something horrific.

Trump was alleged to have said that the soldier knew what he signed up for.

Trump denied that he said anything of the sort. He claimed that the matter was fabricated. The White House couldn’t offer any phone recording.

They however claimed that people were in the room when the call allegedly took place.

Poor Handling

Trump was told he should look at how former Presidents Obama and Bush treated those who died for their Country.

Many families of slain soldiers said they never heard from the President.

Whitney Hunter said “I was told I would receive a call and I never did.” Her husband Sgt. Jonathon Hunter was killed in Afghanistan in August.

Former CIA Director John Brennan was unhappy with how Trump handled the issue.

“Mr. Trump has his own ways of dealing with things that I see as inconsistent with what some of his predecessors have done and how they’ve treated it,” he said.

Brennan made reference to Trump’s claim about former President Obama and Bush. He said “I think that one can highlight what they’re doing and the importance of what they’re doing without dragging down either predecessors or previous things.”

He also said “the solemnity with which they treated those situations and interacted with families and loved ones and just how important that responsibility was. I was very impressed that all of them acted so Presidential in those cases.”

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