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Could There Be Trouble Between Trump And Pence As The President Deals With Ongoing Issues?

Could there be a possible rift between President Trump and Mike Pence? Or maybe the recent decision on a new National Security Adviser could be misunderstood?

Vice President Mike Pence had assigned Jon Lerner to the post but it created a problem. Lerner was known for his views that didn’t hold Trump in high regard.

It was also reported that Trump tried to block Pence choice for the position. Pence held Lerner in high regard which was the reason he gave him the post.

To some this could be a sign of more problems at the White House. Could it be that Trump and Pence be at odds?

Pence was one of his closest allies, if this proved to the case, things could get bad.

Trump was dealing with multiple issues; there was the feud with Comey and the Russian probe. He was also dealing with International affairs like the Syrian problem.

Could all these issues be taking a toll on him?

Raid Fears

Trump had said his lawyers were worried that their offices would be raided as well.

He said he wanted to review the documents that were taken from the office of his personal lawyer.

The FBI had raided the office of Michael Cohen as they sought evidence about Russian connections and anything related to Stormy Daniels.

It was reported that Cohen used Essential Consultants LLC to send payments to two different individuals as part of a settlement.

Cohen was also expected to face a Court hearing as he wanted his lawyers to have first look at documents seized. He sought to ask the Court to limit what the investigators can view.

Falling Out?

What could this mean for Pence and Trump who had always been on the same page? At least this was seen in the day to day lives of these men.

Lerner who was chosen by Pence had withdrawn himself from the post. It was certain that this would have affected Pence in some way.

Alyssa Farah, Pence’s press secretary issued a statement in regards to the matter.

“Tonight Jon informed the Vice President that he was withdrawing from coming on board as National Security Adviser and the Vice President accepted his decision.” She added “Vice President Pence holds Jon Lerner in the highest regard and expressed his deep gratitude for Jon’s willingness to consider joining our team.”

Inside sources claimed the decision created a mess inside the administration. What sort of impact this decision created was unknown, but it certainly showed that there was a lack of communication between the two men.

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