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Tensions Could Be Brewing Between Donald Trump And John Kelly

Tensions have risen between Trump and John Kelly. This was always expected due to Trump’s character. Kelly has a lot on his hands. No one so far has been able to tame Trump.

Trump has recently been chided by his staff to be careful after his Arizona rally. He didn’t like that so he lashed out at his Chief of Staff.

Kelly has been able to bring some resolve to the White House. Unfortunately the only person not willing to comply is the President.

Kelly is having a hard time protecting the President. Constant tweeting and occasional tirades isn’t helping his image.

One has to wonder what purpose Kelly was brought in for. Kelly has done his best not to rub the President the wrong way.  A task that is almost impossible to accomplish.

Own Way

The President can be what is considered own way. He doesn’t like anyone to tell him what to do. This is making life difficult for those who are hired as advisers.

Roger Stone who is a longtime Trump adviser thinks the same of Trump. He said “it is inevitable that a guy who will not be contained and does not want to be handled or managed was going to rebel.”

He rebelled against the latest manager who wanted to control him.

“Ultimately Donald Trump is his own man. And he’s going to resist all the control and regimented systems Kelly is trying to impose,” Stone said.

Some believe many staff members are usually guessing how long the next person lasts. The firing and hiring of persons has become a norm. The White House has witnessed many persons come in and leave shortly after.


How long Kelly will stay remains to be seen. The President needs Kelly more than he needs him. Trump might be oblivious to this fact.

One might ask for what purpose he hired Kelly if he isn’t willing to listen?

The lash out he gave to the Chief of Staff was taken softly. Will Kelly play it down so easily if it happens again?

He told staff members that no one ever spoke to him that way while serving. He promised that the next time it happens he won’t stand for it.

The tension between Trump and Kelly has been denied by Kelly. He remains tight lipped and is focusing on bringing stability to the White House.

He has kept his circle small and close. Kelly has been keeping a tight hold on what the President sees. Despite working for a while, it seems Trump may be having enough of it.

It is a wait and see game of who explodes, who stays and who goes. Both men are strong headed, but Trump has the advantage as President.

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