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Russian Sanctions Interferes With Trumps US-Russian Alliance

Trump signed a bill that allows sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea. Despite signing the legislation, Trump isn’t pleased with some of the contents therein. He especially dislikes the sanctions placed on Russia.

The power of Congress raised its head when it limited what would be included in the bill. Trump disliked the bill, but is powerless to do anything about it.

Bill Shows Who Wields The Power

Paul Ryan was happy about the bill being passed. He said “today, the United States sent a powerful message to our adversaries that they will be held accountable for their actions.”

He is quoted as saying “these sanctions directly target the destructive and destabilizing activities of Iran, Russia, and North Korea.

For Ryan it is all about defending the Nation he is a part of. He said “we will continue to use every instrument of American power to defend this nation and the people we serve,”

Trump claims he signed the bill to create unity. He said he believes some of the sanctions are not constitutional.

National Security is a matter Congress takes seriously. The Executive branch of the Government doesn’t have the authority to override such matters.

Trumps Claims

Trump has made several claims in regards to the sanctions and how Congress handled it. He said “The bill remains seriously flawed — particularly because it encroaches on the executive branch’s authority to negotiate.”

He went on to say “Congress could not even negotiate a healthcare bill after seven years of talking.”

Michael Glennon was quick to answer the claims of Trump. He said Trump’s comments were very misleading.

He said “that’s obviously a misguided interpretation of his constitutional authority.” He also said “Congress has very broad authority over foreign commerce. It’s explicitly given the power to regulate commerce with foreign nations.”

Glennon had a lot to say about Trump’s comments. He made it clear how important the move by Congress was to the Country. He said “it could have, if it desired, imposed those sanctions without giving the President any waiver authority whatsoever.”

Congress has the power to run the Country. The President is Commander in Chief, but with limited powers. It seems that he can run as long as it suits Congress. That is a good thing.

Trump Being Trump

Trump has made it clear that he will consider what lawmakers implement. It is clear the President will do what pleases him.

He had this to say “my Administration will give careful and respectful consideration to the preferences expressed by the Congress in these various provisions. And will implement them in a manner consistent with the President’s constitutional authority to conduct foreign relations.”

Trump believes the bill will limit his power. He believes it will bring China, Russia and North Korea closer.

He said “The Framers of our Constitution put foreign affairs in the hands of the President. This bill will prove the wisdom of that choice.”

Trump chose not to veto the bill. The veto itself can be over ridden by Congress majorities.

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