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Republican Hopefuls At Odds With Mitch McConnell As Leader

Sen. Mitch McConnell has found it rough running the Senate. Some of his colleagues believe he has the hardest job in the World.

The first few months have seen him struggling to get bills passed. He recently met with Trump and was able to pass the President’s budget plan.

Now he could be facing another challenge. Republican hopefuls aren’t sure if they would support him as a leader.

The candidates were recently asked by The Hill if they would support McConnell. No one gave an outright answer so the speculation is they might not do so.

Republican Candidates

One GOP aide said that the outlook about Congress has changed significantly. The aide also mentioned the threat from Steve Bannon opposition to McConnell.

The aide said “ten years ago when you ran campaigns, especially after 9/11, it was all about leadership. You could talk about your role in Congress in making things better.”

“Now Republican voters want to burn the place down, so you have more of a tightrope,” the aide continued.

Republican hopeful Mike Gibbons wants McConnell to retire. He even asked Josh Mandel to sign a petition.

Gibbons said “just like we would expect from the career politician that he is, Josh is refusing to take a position.”

McConnell Allies

It is believed by McConnell’s allies that he has more support than is advertised. Whether the attack on McConnell will work remains to be seen.

The candidates are now seeking election. McConnell on the other hand is the Majority Leader in the Senate.

What he has to do is continue his work and improve on failed performances. Steve Bannon failed in his role as the White House Chief of Staff.

Yet he is pushing to rid the Government of others. The candidates should take note of Bannon’s failures.

Josh Holmes is McConnell’s former Chief of Staff. He said “if you’re a candidate wrapping yourself around an axle of who you’ll support in a leadership election that presumes you’ve already won a Senate seat, you’re doing it wrong.”

He could very well have a point there. What does Bannon have to lose? He has already lost his opportunity in the political arena.

Their future in politics could be marred by a move like this before actually winning a race.

The belief is that voters care about getting jobs and not so much about leadership races.

Holmes said “voters don’t have an ounce of interest in who wins a prospective leadership race, they care about jobs.

The situation is more of McConnell against Bannon. Some candidates are doubtful but what a difference that makes remains to be seen.

They first have to win their race then they would be in a position to decide anything else after.

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