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Recent Massacre Brings Gun Laws Into Focus For Many

The recent tragic killings on the Las Vegas concert have brought gun laws to the limelight. Democrats are pushing to bring about change to gun laws.

But the NRA are not taking it sitting down they have made a push of their own.

Many believe the President will side on keeping the laws favorable to the right. It is said he has a close relationship with the NRA. This friendship could be important in any decision he makes.

Democrats on the other hand turn to the campaign trail. They have had issues with the current gun laws for a long time.

The situation has only become worse in their eyes due to the latest mass shooting. They have pressed Congress to act.

Gun Control

Sen. Christopher Murphy made his feelings clear about gun control. He said “we have a political movement that’s 20 years behind the gun lobby’s political movement.”

Murphy continued “so our effort has to be much more focused outside this building than inside this building.”

Gun control on the campaign trail fades after a while. This one of the biggest problems Democrats will face.

Mark Kelly is a former astronaut. He said “who we elect matters; don’t let anyone tell you not to talk about politics when we talk about guns.”

Democrats hope to use gun control as platform to launch their campaign. It will be tough, but not impossible.

The media could play a large part in this. If the media moves away from the shooting incidents quickly it will fade out of person’s minds.

Trump On Shooting

The President said “he’s a sick man, a demented man, lot of problems, I guess. We’re looking into him very, very seriously.”

Trump said “We’re dealing with a very, very sick individual.” What the President said was certainly evident.

But what will he be doing about the problem? This type of incident has long plagued America.

Trump responded to questions pertaining to gun laws. He said “we’ll be talking about gun laws as time goes by.”

Trump told reporters “look, we have a tragedy. What happened in Las Vegas is in many ways a miracle. The police department has done such an incredible job.”

What Trump will do about gun laws is yet to be seen. Allies of the President believe he won’t go against the “right”.

Steve Bannon said it’s “impossible: will be the end of everything.”

Bannon was speaking on if Trump made changes that affect the NRA significantly.

Roger Stone said “base would go insane and he knows it.”

It looks like gun control laws will be another tough one for the President. It sounds more like preference than what is good for the Nation.

The love of guns might yet prove a big problem for many. The gun law situation will be tough as the NRA is considered loyal to Trump.

They were very supportive during his election campaign.

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