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President Trump’s Top Lawyer Resigns As Russian Probe Pushes Ahead

John Dowd, the main lawyer for President Trump’s legal team against allegations of Russian collusion resigned.

There was speculation about Trump reshuffling his legal team, which was denied by Dowd who said he wasn’t going anywhere.

That however turned out to be the very thing he did. Dowd resigned citing that he could no longer work with the President who wasn’t keen on taking advice.

Analyst thought this would open the way for the interview Robert Mueller wanted. It was reported that Trump wanted to do the interview but was advised against it.

Joe diGenova had now joined Trump’s legal team and was expected to lead out in a possible Mueller interview.

Legal Shift

diGenova would also be bringing along two other lawyers with him it was reported. This was another reason Dowd had resigned.

He saw the additional lawyers to the team as a shift from his legal advice.

“Joe diGenova would perform well by asking aggressive questions and making sure that President Trump is prepared for aggressive questions because he was an aggressive questioner as a U.S. attorney,” said criminal defense attorney Alan Dershowitz.

Alan Dershowitz, who has spoken out against Mueller’s investigation thought having diGenova on his team would make a difference.

There was also a report of Trump desiring to bring back a former personal lawyer of his. Lawyer Marc Kasowitz was someone who Trump was willing to work with again.

“The President trusts him personally and professionally,” one source said.

Russian Probe Casualties

The Russian probe continued to produce many casualties, some directly and others indirectly.

The latest casualty was John Dowd, who chose to requite himself from working with Trump.

He wasn’t the first to face the wrath associated with the Russian probe and it is unlikely he would be the last.

Dowd claimed Trump agreed with his statement about the Mueller investigation coming to an end.

“(Trump) thought it was a good statement. And I still do,” Dowd said.

“The Mueller probe should never have been started in that there was no collusion and there was no crime,” Trump tweeted Saturday.

This was certainly corroborated what Dowd said.

Just days before Dowd had denied leaving the team. When contacted he said “I’m sitting here working on the President’s case right now.”

It was amazing how fast situations changed with the Russian investigation. It always felt like who was next?

Could we possibly see more persons leaving because of Mueller’s investigations? Buckle up and wait to see, time will tell!

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