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President Trump Twitter Habits Concerning As He Boasts Of Nuclear Button

The U.S. President continued his old habit with no intention to stop. If there was any plan to refrain from such habits, it wasn’t forthcoming at this time.

Trump’s tweeting was a major concern for the Country, even those who wouldn’t admit so. His latest tweet to North Korea could be seen as very troubling.

Trump had boasted about his nuclear button and that it was working. He also claimed that his button was bigger all in an effort to seemingly taunt Kim Jong un.

The tweet had caused one Senator to call the matter “Presidential malpractice.”

Nuclear Button

Sen. Ed Markey tweeted “imagine being a servicemember or the family of a servicemember stationed in Korea and reading this. This borders on presidential malpractice.”

Kim had said in a speech that he had a nuclear button on his desk. His reasoning seemed to suggest that the World should recognize North Korea as a nuclear State.

Trump responded to that speech by tweeting his button was more powerful. It was unlikely that anyone else thought Kim’s speech was a threat.

The year had ended quietly between the two leaders. The New Year could possibly see another bout of harsh exchanges between the two.

Old Habits

Twitter continued to see a barrage of tweets from Trump. He wrote about many different issues and surely spoke his mind.

The President was known for being harsh and outspoken. This was problematic for his office though some acted as if it was alright.

Trump’s tweet received loads of gimmick tweets from others. He was mocked by many persons and some who said he had a button for diet cokes.

“The U.S. should know that the button for nuclear weapons is on my table,” Kim said.

But should Trump face all the criticism? Kim was known for his threats and refusal to comply with U.N. The North and South were at odds for a long time.

Kim’s speech could be seen as a threat, however meager it maybe. What were notable about the speech were its similarities to 2017.

It didn’t seem as though much had changed. The only change was the reduction in missile tests during the last couple of months.

As 2018 began with uncertainty, one thing was certain. Trump’s twitter habits hadn’t changed. His rivals were still appalled by the tweets.

His colleagues would love him to tone it down and make their job easier. Let us hope the tweets are nothing more than hot air.

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