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President Trump Takes Matters Into His Own Hands On Health Care

The President has had enough of Congress and the decisions they made. He has been trying to repeal Obama Care since taking office.

He hasn’t succeeded in making that a possibility. The bill failed to pass each time it was voted on. The problem was the inability of the new bill to prove an adequate replacement.

Trump has decided to move in the direction of an Executive Order. He will sign an order that allows more people to have low premiums.

Trump has attempted to remove many of the bills Obama put into place. He has succeeded with removing a lot of them. The health care bill is another story.


It is expected that Trump will face opposition about this order. From the very persons who have resisted the Obama Care repeal bill.

It is expected that the process would be slow. The order could see many insurance companies either leaving the market or raising premiums.

Democrats are expected to resist any plan by Trump to remove Obama Care.

Larry Levitt said “if the order is as expansive as it sounds, association plans could create insurance products that would siphon off healthy people with lower premiums and skinnier benefits. Leading more insurers to exit the ACA marketplace or raise premiums significantly.”

Levitt is from the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation. He said “healthy middle-class people not now eligible for subsidies could get cheaper insurance, but people with pre-existing conditions could be priced out of the market altogether.”


Trump seems to be aiming to help the middle class gain cheaper policies. The order would make matters tough for insurance companies.

The cut for the middle class was promised by Republicans. Trump apparently is trying to keep that promise.

Medical care should be the same for everyone regardless if it is the rich or the poor. The system that the Country needs should reflect such.

The biggest hurdle is the companies that offer such policies and their profit margin. As it stands most hospitals and care facilities require insurance.

Only those rich enough to pay out of pocket have no need worry. Yet even such persons still have medical insurance.

Trump is the President and will exercise his power. But he will have a hard time making it a reality.  The insurance companies and Democrats are against such a plan.

We probably haven’t heard the last of this one either. The health care system still hangs in limbo over the head of many Americans.

This one could possibly end up in the Law Courts. So buckle down as we wait on the final verdict.

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