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Could President Trump Have Something To Hide If The Rumor To Fire Robert Mueller Is True?

For a long time it was rumored that President Trump wanted to fire Robert Mueller. During that time some of his colleagues rushed to create a bill that would prevent this from happening.

That bill had yet to take affect to serve out its purpose. During that time Sen. Lindsey Graham warned Trump against firing Mueller.

The rumor still reared its ugly head recently and many people are wondering why Trump would want to fire Mueller.

The President had made it clear on numerous occasions that there was no Russian collusion. He was even willing to meet with Mueller and be interviewed by him.


Trump was questioned last year August about if he intended to fire Mueller. He replied “I haven’t given it any thought. Well, I’ve been reading about it from you people. You say, ‘Oh, I’m going to dismiss him.’ No, I’m not dismissing anybody.”

Donald F. McGahn, a White House Counsel Member name came up in the press. He had threatened to resign if Trump fired Mueller it was reported.

Mr. Goldsmith said McGahn may “have acted to protect the President, or himself, or both, from legal trouble.”

“It’s hard to know, but the fact that McGahn has stayed in office during the subsequent seven months implies that there has not been a fundamental breach between the two men, unless perhaps this report signals one,” he said.


The White House had always claimed to be compliant with Russian interference investigations. The latest person to sing this tune was a person close to Trump’s legal team.

“There was never a decision to even challenge Mueller on conflicts (of interest), let alone an order to fire him,” the person said.

“Had the President decided to challenge Mueller on conflicts, there were unquestionable mechanisms to raise that issue with the Department of Justice — and even that was not pursued.” The person added.

Todd Presnell, an attorney mentioned the possibility of pleading the Fifth.

He said “this is really the only argument they can make outside of the Fifth. The Fifth Amendment would be a public-relations nightmare.”

But why would Trump plead the Fifth? He had already said and tweeted so many times no collusion. So he would be expected to continue to openly defend himself.

Mark Tushnet of Harvard University said Trump could be impeached for serious misconduct.

He said “my view is that a president can be impeached for serious political misconduct that is, as I put it, in the neighborhood of a serious criminal offense. And a pattern that includes deliberate and unjustifiably false statements to the public can (though it doesn’t have to) count as satisfying that standard.”

The standoff had been ongoing for a long time, the Country waited for the day when the truth will be told, if ever.

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