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What Could The Opening Of U.S. Embassy In Jerusalem Mean For Trump And Israel?

President Trump had announced that he would be moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

An announcement that received both praise and ridicule from all ends of the spectrum because it could create chaos.

That day had finally come and the facility used was a building that was renovated. The building which used to host consular offices received upgrades to make it more suitable for its new purpose.

It was reported that a new building would be eventually built to house the embassy’s staff.

The reality of the embassy in Jerusalem was considered monumental for Evangelicals who backed Trump.

They believed there was significance to the move, especially the announcement of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

This was also well pleasing to Israelis who have been in confrontation for many years with Palestine over land they claimed were given them by God.

New Set Up

“Initially, the interim embassy in Arnona will contain office space for the Ambassador and a small staff,” a US official.

“The Ambassador will continue to divide his time between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem during the initial phases of the embassy move, as this is a multi-year process,” he continued.

It was reported that around $400,000 was spent on upgrades and more was expected to be spent.

There will be a roundabout adjacent to the new embassy and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said it would be called “Trump Square.”

“Naming this square in honor of the president is our way of showing our love and respect for the president and the American people,” he said.


The decision to move came with much resistance. When Trump first announced his plans it created u rest in Jerusalem and surrounding areas.

Senior Palestinian official Saeb Erekat called on Diplomats to boycott the inauguration. He asked “civil society organizations, and religious authorities to boycott the inauguration.”

It was possible that the embassy’s presence could create turmoil, the city and its outskirts were known for violence.

Other leaders were concerned about the move and felt it was a bad idea.

Some see the move as a prophetic fulfillment based on the bible. Others saw it as a means of creating more tension in the already troubled area.

Notwithstanding Israel and Iran could find themselves in a war that could escalate due t a decision by Trump.

Trump had made up his mind about the transfer and that was evident.

There are great expectations about this new development but how it will all play out was beyond anyone’s comprehension.

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