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President Trump’s Inconsistency Could Prove His Downfall As Summit In Singapore Gets Closer

It was recently felt that Trump may have had a trump card tucked away nicely somewhere. If this was even possible the President seemed to have a knack for throwing his hand.

After the announcement of meeting in Singapore and the possible denuclearization by North Korea, Trump may have erred.

It was common sense that if you want someone to stop doing something that you should be wise in how you do it, if at all.

Trump wanted North Korea to stop its nuclear program without giving up its own. Yet both the U.S. and South Korea were busy conducting drills in the Korean Peninsula.

A Test?

One could only wonder what would drive these two leaders to think that such a move would not create concern for the North Koreans.

What was required of Kim was a big deal, since they haven’t given in to anything that was asked of them for decades.

Now that they were willing to have talks and put away their program a stunt like this is pulled?

Was it at all possible this was to see how Kim would react? Or did the two men not fully calculate the response that such an exercise would generate?

Either way whatever the intent, Kim wasn’t taking it likely and if the exercise wasn’t cancelled, he would no longer be attending the summit.

Back Step

If Kim pulled out of the summit it would be lots of hard work down the drain. It was possible that much work was done unseen to the public that lead to the North Korean leader willing to denuclearize in the first place.

Unless he had some super sinister plan unknown to the rest of the World it was a big change for the Koreans.

So it would be considered a waste to let such an opportunity pass by and place the two Nations right back where they started.

Instead of progress it would be a big step backward, in a direction that could take many more years o recover.

It was evident that more than just the summit would be scrapped but the plan to denuclearize.

So if the South Korean leader and Trump want to see the relations between the three Countries progress then it would be wise to withhold from any further military exercises.

High level talks between Pyongyang and Seoul due for Wednesday 16th May 2018 were also cancelled. A sign that North Korea was not to be tampered with and any effort to work with them shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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