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No Serious Gun Control Consideration After Latest Shooting Massacre Leaves Many Hurting

Many teachers and school children are still recovering from the Florida shooting. The incident left 17 dead and many nursing injuries.

The survivors and supporters had begun to push for gun control on assault weapons. This however didn’t produce any real consideration from lawmakers.

The President made it clear he was willing to do a modest adjustment to the current bill, but that was all.

Lawmakers in Florida seemed more interested in legislation in regards to pornography. That wasn’t a bad thing, but the more pressing issue was gun control. That had proven to be a life threatening situation that needed some sort of amendment.

No To Gun Control

The Florida House of Representatives chose to ignore the bill that called for more gun control. The situation left many individuals hurt. To them it seemed that the loss of loved ones wasn’t important to lawmakers.

“Unfortunately, just five days after 17 people were gunned down at a Florida school, the Florida House just passed a bill that declares pornography a ‘public health risk,’” state Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith said.

He added “basically, what they have determined is that these are the Republican priorities in 2018: Wasting our time with debate and legislation that declares porn as a health threat, meanwhile we can’t even get a single debate, vote, or hearing on anything related to assault weapons.”


The citizens weren’t taking the matter kindly and showed contempt for the refusal to curb gun control.

Republican Rep. Mike Coffman held a town meeting in Greenwood Village Colorado. He received boos and a stern rebuttal from those present.

“Let’s do something for them!” one man yelled. Another cried out, “We’re done with thoughts and prayers!”

It was clear that the people wanted action, not words, action.

“I am ashamed, as it took children to shake me from my comfort zone to come forward to say enough is enough,” said Patti Seno, a Democrat. “An avalanche is coming to Washington, sir, and it is going to be led by our children.”

“The massacres are getting bigger and worse,” Laura Chapin said. “It would be smart of Democrats to go after Mike Coffman’s hypocrisy.”

However it was noted that everyone didn’t think that banning assault rifles would change anything.

“The West is different,” said Josh Penry, a veteran GOP strategist and Coffman adviser. “There’s this basic understanding that Congress passing a lot of laws isn’t going to stop evil people from committing evil acts.”

While it was true that persons committed evil acts and not guns, the fact still remained that some level of control was needed.

The guns could only be used if a person had access to them. It seemed that was the purpose of the ban, to keep such weapons off the street. This could surely help saved more lives as such weapons won’t be accessible.

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