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Members Of The Voter Fraud Committee Want To Know What’s Going On With Panel

President Trump had set up a voter’s fraud commission shortly after taking office. He believed there was a lack of transparency in the election he won.

The commission had found nothing to prove Trump’s claim. They however faced a blockade regarding obtaining voter’s information.

Many of the States refused to turn over information on its citizens. This was met with criticism by Trump and his team.

The commission faced criticism for its activities and letters were written to Congress because of it. Since then the committee had apparently gone “dark” with members wondering what was happening.

Gone Dark?

Alan King said he was not getting any response to emails he sent. King served on the commission.

He said “it’s my understanding that this commission is supposed to submit its recommendations in March 2018.”

“I’m wondering when you take a two-and-half-month hiatus from meeting…I obviously think anyone would have concerns how a deadline like that is supposed to be met,” he continued.

Bill Gardner said “I have not heard anything since the New Hampshire meeting.” Gardner, New Hampshire Secretary of State made the comment while talking to NBC News.

What’s Up With Commission?

Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap had filed a lawsuit against the panel in October 2017.

Dunlap said “I’ve made repeated requests about what the commission is working on. I’m asking for a schedule not the nuclear secrets of the Country.”

Hans von Spakovsky and Christy McCormick who represent Adams talked about voting practices. They believed many non Nationals voted.

“Well, I can tell you the greatest foreign influence in our elections are aliens who are getting on the rolls and aliens who are voting,” the two men said.

David Becker, an election expert said “they haven’t said what they intend to do and how.” He was referring to the commission’s agenda regarding its intention. “I think the longer that question hangs the air the more reason people have to doubt how the commission is operating, “he said.

Tammy Patrick made a comparison between the current voter’s commission and that of Obama.

She said “It was very much a collaborative effort but a very open and transparent process. Our motivation was different, our work ethic was different and our output was different.”

Trump’s commission has held two public meetings for the whole year. This was low compared to Obama’s six along with a detailed report.

The failure to be transparent had left many people at odds with Trumps voter fraud panel.

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