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Marshawn Lynch Vs. Trump As He Protest With T-Shirt

Many of the protests have quieted down in the NFL. Fewer persons have showed any sort of protest compared to when Trump first gave his remarks.

Marshawn Lynch however has refused to back down. He actually has taken his message one step further.

Lynch wore a T-shirt that read “Everybody vs Trump”. That however remains to be seen as the number of protesters has decreased.

The reason less players and staff have shown any protests during their last game isn’t clear. There can be lots of speculation as to why, but the protests have decreased.

Since the major protest, the President has asked players to stand. He has done so on more than one occasion.


Many people took to twitter to mock Lynch. Images and a video emerged of him entering the stadium wearing the t-shirt.

Based on remarks by those on social media, it is clear Trump has backing. Despite the desire to have the world against Trump, that won’t happen.

Lynch is more likely to see himself as Lynch vs. Trump. The supporters of Trump were very critical of him.

It is clear that if you make a statement like this, be ready to take criticism.

What made the situation worst for the Raider right back was the game. He had a very bad game as his team loss to the Broncos.

The Protest

Lynch continued his protest after the wearing of the t-shirt. He sat out while the anthem was being played.

He was surrounded by the Raider’s staff. This made it difficult for anyone to get a photo of him. Nevertheless over head photos of him were still possible.

It looked as though he was hiding from the public eye. He certainly didn’t seem the same person that he was when he entered the stadium.

While some of the other players kneel, Lynch usually sits. It is a practice that he has taken.

The broncos chose to stand for the anthem.

What will Lynch’s protest with t-shirt and sitting cost him? Trump has promised to have those who refuse to stand fired.

Will he be able to do so? Could we be in for a Lynch vs. Trump scenario?

Kaepernick already lost his job from protesting, could Lynch be next? What about the other players who refuse to stand?

The matter is coming to a stage where it can cause serious problems for the game.

This isn’t what the fans want, but what can be done? Should the President back off and leave the NFL be?

Or should the all players stand and acknowledge the National Anthem?

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