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Mark Cuban Considers Presidency Since Trump Won Without Any Experience

Mark Cuban announced recently that he would run for President in 2020. Cuban is an American business man. He owns the NBA team Dallas Mavericks.

Cuban is 59 years old and worth about $3.3 billion. He is also an author and philanthropist. He is the Chairman of AXS TV and a co-owner of 2929 Entertainment.

Cuban is also an investor and a television personality. Being a television personality is one of the reasons Cuban considers running.

He looks at what Trump has done and thinks he has what it takes to do the same. But He just doesn’t want to run; he wants to run as a Republican. He says that he wants to run against Trump.

Cuban’s Ideas

Cuban said “I think there’s a place for somebody who’s socially a centrist but I’m very fiscally conservative.”

He said he would challenge Trump in the Primaries. Cuban believes he can take Trump out and go on to run in the election.

He said “we’re going into an era where people want someone who comes up with solutions. I think we’re going into a time where you need somebody who can connect to people and relate to people at a base level and appreciate what they’re going through – and I think I qualify on each of those.”

Cuban does have similarities to Trump. He has blown his own Trumpet as he said he qualify in areas people want.

Trump has been patting himself on the back. He claimed that he has done more than any other President during his short time in office.


Mark Cuban isn’t the only one well known person who showed any sign of running. There was speculation that Mark Zuckerberg could run.

It was reported that he doesn’t want to run but could find himself in some political role.

If Trump was the Republicans candidate for 2020 then Cuban has a huge chance. That might be another reason that he thinks he can win.

Trumps run so far as President hasn’t been the best. Many people might be willing to give someone else the chance to lead.

Trump was a household name from his show The Apprentice. Cuban is also a household name and both men are rich from their businesses.

Right now it’s all speculation about how well Cuban would do against Trump. What is also important is if Trump will be around to run.

The biggest question is how many people would want Cuban as their President? If he runs, what would other opponents find on him to make him look bad to the public eye?

The campaign trail isn’t an easy thing to stomach. The last election showcased a series of accusations. It is usually each opponent trying to discredit the other to gain an advantage.

So these are issues any contender has to consider before they decide to run.

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