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Governor Races Upcoming Between The Democrats And Republicans

Governor Jim Justice recently announced he was leaving the Democratic Party for the Republican. This brings the number of Governors to the Republicans to 34. Democrats have 15 which isn’t a good sign for them.

When Obama first became President he had 28 Governors on staff. The Republicans have 34 now signaling a change. They are focused on the 2018 gubernatorial elections.

Start Of Gubernatorial

It is reported that elections will start in November 2017. This will see Virginia and New Jersey as the first to be tried.

38 gubernatorial races are expected to be run. This will happen over a period of 15 months.

Governor Chris Christie is projected to win his seat. He is the current Governor of New Jersey. Governor Terry McAuliffe will do battle to retain Virginia.

The main hope of the Democrats is to overthrow the Republicans power. They hope to win the Governor majority causing a shift of power.

Someone was quoted as saying “normally our people (Democrats) are focused on federal races.” It was also said “this year, it feels like the difference between night and day.”

Money passing is expected to be a big thing in these elections. A more recent election saw money being a big issue.

More Projections

When it comes to vetoes and what Governors will be able to achieve is staggering. 28 of the 38 seats up for grabs have the power to veto. Democrats are hoping to win those seats.

If that can be done, they will wield more power and keep Republicans in check when it comes to certain legislature.

The Democrats have high expectations the for State of Nevada, Florida and New Mexico. These 3 States have what is known as term-limited. Term-limited just means that no person can hold office for more than 2 terms.

On the other hand the Democrats have someone term-limited for Colorado. Republicans have an opportunity to win that State.

3 States are believed to be open races. Minnesota, Ohio and Michigan are also up for the taking. Democrats have Minnesota at present while Republicans have Michigan and Ohio.

Democrats also think they have a strong chance in Pennsylvania. Even the Republicans think the present Governor there could lose.

Republicans believe they can retain Wisconsin. The Governor there is trying for a third term.

Democrats will have a hard time with the Midwest States. They have poured their support behind Trump.

Republicans have done really well in the Midwest. The 2016 election saw a strong support for Trump and Republicans.

In a few months we are set to see serious Political movement. Election time is always an active time for most Americans.

Other States to be tested include Maryland, Massachusetts and Vermont. Maine, Illinois and Connecticut are also up for grabs.

A win for either party will bring more changes. If Democrats win, the other party will lose significant ground. If Republicans win the its more setbacks for Democrats.

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