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GOP Lawmakers Weary Of Trump’s Behavior As They Try To Keep The Peace

Republican lawmakers find themselves in a bind. They have to shuffle between supporting a President and objecting to him.

Their decisions are based on what Trump says and do. They have found themselves on his side one moment and against the next.

Their relationship with the President is like a “see saw”. One moment it is up, the next it is down.

It is unlikely that any other Congress has had it so rough. Any Government at all whether it is Republican or Democrat.

Trump has blamed lawmakers for many of his shortcomings, but is this true?

Bill of Rights

For some lawmakers their biggest concern is the First Amendment. They are not happy with what the President is doing in regards to that bill.

Sen. James Lankford won’t get into a discussion about Trump’s fitness to lead. But he will speak out against any attacks to the First Amendment.

He said “I don’t want anyone, from any party, deciding what the press can and cannot write.”

Lankford continued “I would also say, first things first on it, the American people pick who is fit for office. I don’t question his fitness for office based on a preference on how he communicates.”

The Senator has chosen to speak cautiously on certain matters regarding the President. Many of his colleagues are up in arms, but they have also been very cautious.

Other Matters

Lankford went on to discuss other matters bothering the Country. He made a comment regarding the Charlottesville controversy.

He said “Our words must not create confusion. The supremacy of any race is abhorrent, un-American and should be condemned by everyone. Period.”

He disagreed with Trump on his position of Puerto Rico. He doesn’t believe the President should be hasty to cut help to that Country.

Lankford said “traditionally, we’ve stayed in a disaster zone as long as needed. I would expect there to be people on the ground from FEMA for at least two years in Puerto Rico.”

He made mentioned that some people appreciate the President’s habits while others don’t. He made reference to Trump’s constant use of twitter.

It is clear that many Republicans lawmakers are still supportive of Trump. Those who speak simply carry the notion that Trump was voted so they give their support.

On that matter it is clear that he has to do something really devastating to be impeached.

Lawmaker’s stance on the First Amendment is another story. Republicans and Democrats alike agree on this one point.

Trump is unlikely to tread on this Amendment and continue without any repercussions.

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