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Could The Feud Between President Trump And Rex Tillerson Be True?

Rex Tillerson recently denied reports that he and the President were at odds. During a briefing about the matter he said that he is totally committed to Trump.

He was also asked about the President calling him a moron. He replied by saying he wasn’t getting into petty stuff.

The President also had much to say about the so called feud. He tweeted that the media is spreading fake news.

Another report has sprung up. This could show that the both of them may be lying about the situation.

A new report emerged that claims Tillerson was summoned to the White House. Reports indicated that John Kelly didn’t travel with Trump on Wednesday.

He instead stayed at the White House and requested the Secretary of State’s presence. Kelly also called in Defense Secretary James Mattis.

It is reported that Trump wasn’t pleased with how Tillerson handled the question by a reporter. The reporter had asked Tillerson about the rumor of being called a moron by Trump.

He didn’t deny it was true. But he rather refused to discuss anything relating to the comment.

Leaving the media to believe Trump did call him that name.


There was continued speculation about Trump’s relationship with Tillerson. NBC carried a report which said that Tillerson had planned to resign earlier in the year.

It is said he vented to Kelly, who then decided against traveling with the President. The White House denied that was the reason Kelly stayed behind.

It was said that Trump was so furious that he vented about it for two hours.

Nikki Haley name also was mentioned in the NBC report. She is currently the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

The report also made Mike Pence angry as well. It is claimed that Tillerson’s spokesman fabricated a story which included Pence and Tillerson.


If these reports carry any merit then it is cause for concern. It is apparent that all of these reports show a lack of solidarity.

Tillerson could find himself in a place where he might not feel comfortable. His spokesman doesn’t help the situation either. R.C. Hammond is the spokesman for Tillerson. Hammond could find himself without a job after recent reports.

Comments from both men have been denied by Pence and White House officials. An official of the White House responded to Hammond’s statement.

The official said Pence was “very annoyed anyone would misrepresent anything he said, particularly in private meetings.”

It has been implied that Trump’s Administration had problems. Trump has denied such claims since it was first reported.

These new reports say otherwise. If these reports carry any validity, then there are definitely problems.

John Kelly has his hands full as he deals with top ranking officials.

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