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Could The FBI Report Be The Breakthrough President Trump Needed To End The Russian Probe

The 500 page report on the FBI that was recently released could be what Trump so desperately needed.

That report contained information that could prove it was the intention of the FBI to depose President Trump.

It was claimed that the person who lead out in investigations was against Trump and his ideals. This prompted Trump’s allies to suggest that the FBI were working to have Trump removed from office.

Trump had claimed on many occasions there was no collusion. Many of his allies and family members found themselves in disarray as the Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted them.

However no strong case had been brought against the President personally. Mueller wanted an interview with Trump, but none was forthcoming.

End Inquiry

Republicans felt it was time the probe came to a close based on the 500 page document.

Two senior F.B.I. officials, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were the ones Republicans focused their attention on.

It was noted that they disliked Trump and this was evident in their texts to each other.

A few weeks into the Russian investigation Strzok wrote “Just went to a southern Virginia Walmart.” He added “I could SMELL the Trump support.”

This caused the GOP to lose any faith in the FBI.

“The arrogance and condescension and the elitist attitude, that’s what ticks people off,” Rep. Jim Jordan said. “As they look at all this and see what Strzok said throughout these investigations, that’s why their confidence is so shaken.”

Mueller Discredited

It appeared the memo was used a s a weapon against Mueller and Democrats were very distraught about it.

However that could be expected as any leverage gained would be used in full.

“The report has nothing to say about the ongoing work of the special counsel,” said Rep. Jerrold Nadler. “Their argument is based on innuendo, and not on the facts, and certainly not on this report.”

Michael E. Horowitz felt that discussions between investigators were tied into an ongoing investigation. He found that their opinions towards those being investigated were bias to what was being looked into.

“They weren’t just speaking about a generic election that they cared about,” Mr. Horowitz said. “It just so happened that the people they were speaking about had a connection to the investigations they themselves were working on.”

“The F.B.I. is oath-bound to remain neutral and enforce the law impartially and fairly,” said Rep. Scott DesJarlais. “How can we accomplish this when there are agents that are actively biased against our sitting President?”

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