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Emotions High As Senate Accused Of Failing The Country It Serves

The Senate is facing pressure from within and without. Congress has failed to pass many important bills. House Republicans have accused their Senate colleagues of failing America.

America could find itself in a bind politically. Democrats have been criticized for disunity and lack of leadership. It doesn’t look as though Republicans are far behind.

This could be unsettling for the Country. With both Parties having similar troubles, someone has to come up with a solution.

Some believe that Mitch McConnell has it harder than the President. That suggestion could very well be true.


Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama gave his input into the ongoing issue. He said “the United States Senate is dysfunctional. It’s not doing its job and a lot of them need to retire or be beat.”

He continued “the House works hard and passes solutions. The President proposes solutions. They go to the Senate and the Senate puts a silly 1800s rule over the importance of America and our future. That ought to get a lot of people mad. … Everyone who is running for the United States Senate should use that as their strategy.”

One could clearly see from such comments all isn’t well in Congress.

Rep. Tom MacArthur of New Jersey also gave his worth on the issue.

He said “look, I think it’s important for the House to have an honest appraisal. We barely passed health care out of the House. It’s not like it was an overwhelming success and the Senate barely didn’t pass it. They just don’t have enough of a margin to do it.”


Rep. Greg Walden doesn’t want to give the Senate a hard time. He said “they have a very difficult job to do and it’s a different job than we have.”

He continued “it frustrates us in the House. It frustrates a lot of Americans that they don’t seem to be able to come together to get things done, but it’s a different body and it was designed to be a different body.”

Rep. Frank Lucas of Oklahoma said “Mitch McConnell has the toughest job on the planet right now.”

Senate has found themselves between a rock and a hard place. They have found themselves weighing every decision carefully.

Despite the criticism they face they have still moved forward. They haven’t always got it right but they have made some good choices as well.

The hope is that they will not crumble under the pressure from the House. Then there is the continuous pressure from the President.

That in itself has made their job even harder.

Now the Senate faces another issue as Elections come around. They face what has been deemed the anti-Senate strategy.

The intention is to unseat those Senators that are considered a failure to the job they now do.

Time will tell if the Senators will fall to the pressure or come out on top.

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