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Delay In Immigration Bill Causing Republicans Concerns As They Fight To Find A Solution

One of the most controversial issues in the United States of America was immigration law. This policy was stirring much unrest and was becoming problematic for lawmakers.

It seemed as though it could reach a boiling point very soon as June 7th approached. On that date lawmakers were expected to meet to see what could be done to implement new measures to a already troubled policy.

It was also expected that very soon the Supreme Court will be making a decision regarding the DACA bill.

The immigration issue had been ongoing for a long time now. It became a big issue when Trump first implemented the travel ban on some Countries and then turned his attention to the DACA act.


“I believe the drop-dead date is June 7,” said Rep. Dennis Ross. “We’re giving them 10 days to see what happens.”

Ross like many others hasn’t endorsed the petition which will be on the table. He however was willing to do so.

If a no decision was made by then the petition could be forced by a vote.

“There are some of us who, even with the Goodlatte bill, believe that a slight amendment here or there may get us to 218,” Rep. Mark Meadows.

The Goodlatte bill as it is called was proposed by Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte.

Trump Approval

Another issue that could become problematic was the approval of President Trump.

Trump said he won’t approve a bill that doesn’t give him the leverage he needed for the border wall.

“Unless it improves a wall – and I mean a wall, a real wall – and unless it improves very strong border security, there’ll be no approvals from me, because I have to either approve it or not,” Trump said.

Caught up in the middle of the issue was House Speaker Paul Ryan. Ryan had said a few weeks back that he will be quitting when his term was up.

During his tenor he had to deal with a Government shutdown and many challenges of getting bills approved. One of the biggest was this immigration bill along with Obama Care.

“What we’re trying to do is find where the consensus sweet spot is,” Ryan told reporters in the Capitol recently. “Immigration is an issue that has a lot of passionate positions.”

Trump wanted to see the issue dealt with but in the way he wanted.

“They want to continue having Republicans lead on that issue [and] the President wants to lead on that issue,” said GOP Rep. Tim Walberg. “So I’m hoping that ultimately our caucus will come together and put an immigration bill across the line.”

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