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Would Michelle Obama Make A Good President?

Michelle Obama was asked If she would consider running in 2020. She replied no, that she isn’t interested. Mrs. Obama is considered by many as a classy lady.

Many persons have asked her to run in the next Elections. Obama has turned down the thought of participating in politics.

Michelle Obama watched her husband deal with the pressures of the Presidency. A role that was even harder because he was the first black President.

Mrs. Obama had her struggles as well. On many occasions she was called names and criticized. Barack Obama served 2 terms. This meant that Michelle served 2 terms as First Lady.

Running for the Presidency and winning would mean another term in the White House. This would make the former President the First Gentleman then?

That is unlikely to happen, since Michelle has no plans to run.

President Michelle

If Michelle Obama was to become President, would it benefit the Country? She would probably follow in the footsteps of her Husband.

Popularity is one thing, but running a Country is another. When it comes to Politics and the limelight it can take a toll.

Images of Barack Obama from before to present have shown him going gray. Many believe this is due to the pressure of being the President.

So would this cause the same issue for Michelle? Would this cause her to show rapid signs of aging?

The former First Lady’s popularity has served her well.

Recent Elections has shown that it doesn’t take much to become President. Popularity and a change of heart of voters can make the difference.

The support of those around you might help in the effort to win. Little knowledge of politics hasn’t stopped Trump from winning.

He has a strong support system of people who know politics. Another factor is the lack of trust in the other person.

Regardless of what type agenda Michelle had there will always be resistance. Democracy works that way, freedom to make choices.

Obama would probably continue her husband’s legacy. Making any improvements she can along the way.

Michelle Said No

Michelle has however said no, she has chosen her family over anything else. She doesn’t want her family in the spotlight anymore.

One issue the Obamas face is that they are still in the spotlight. Trump in particular has made it his business to taunt Barack Obama.

Michelle responded to the rumors about her running. She said “I think some people think it’s serious, but some people are just hopeful.”

She also said “I don’t make stuff up, I’m not coy. I’m pretty direct. If I was interested in it, I would say. I don’t believe in playing games.”

Those who want Michelle to run will have to imagine what it would be like. The former First Lady has made her intentions clear.

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