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Can DNC Chairman Tom Perez Make The Party What It Should Be?

Recent reports by Donna Brazile had created more issues for the DNC. The Party had been plagued with infighting.

Tom Perez intention was to change that as he promised reform in the Party. His aim was to build trust among the people.

Most of the people that Democrats represent had lost faith in the Party. Perez had written in a blog he was looking to reform the Presidential nominating process.

Perez is hoping to make the Party transparent. The column he wrote was titled “Making 2020 Transparent.”

Since Brazile’s revelation she had said no evidence of meddling was found.

Perez’s Promise

“I am more committed than ever before to restoring voters’ faith in our democratic process because even the perception of impartiality or an unfair advantage undermines our ability to win,” Perez said. “That is unacceptable.”

He will have a rough time bringing reform but anything is possible. Perez said “we will work with the Unity Reform Commission to implement their collective recommendations for meaningful change in our Party.”

Perez made it clear he had heard from his people and will proceed with what was best. He said “after listening to Democrats from every wing of our party. I’ve developed a series of concrete reforms to put our principles into action and guarantee that under my watch, the new DNC will work to rebuild trust with the people we represent.”

No Evidence

Brazile had said that she found no evidence that the DNC meddled with the voting that caused Clinton to win.

She said “I found no evidence, none whatsoever.” She made this statement recently on ABC News.

Brazile had said all she found “was this memorandum that prevented the DNC from running its own operation.”

She replied to a statement from Sen. Elizabeth Warren. She had commented about elections being rigged.

Brazile replied “I don’t think she meant the word rigged.”

Since the revelation by Brazile Trump has pressured the DOJ to investigate the DNC.

Nomiki Konst wasn’t pleased with what Perez said. He wanted to see more transparency about the budget.

Konst said “At this point, with barely any funds, compromised integrity and low trust, Chairman Perez needs to prove above and beyond that he’s willing to reform this Party.”

“Make it transparent, accountable, inclusive and eliminate conflicts of interest that have burdened it,” she continued.

The journey upward for Democrats will require more than promises. Hopefully Perez and his people can keep theirs.

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