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August Recess Will See Congress With No Budget Plan

When the month of August hits, Congress will be on recess. It will also find itself without a budget plan. This is just another headache it faces, along with the other troubles that linger. Congress has a problem that needed solving before August came.

Money is the issue at hand; no budget to help with a National shutdown. No money to assist with debt ceiling breach.

Another problem comes from the Senate. The House can propose a bill, but the Senate has to the vote to pass it or not. The Senate has different numbers in mind when it comes to spending.

Possible Solutions

Republicans are willing to accept CR, since that can postpone a shutdown. The continuous resolution (CR) runs out in September. Congress still has the debt ceiling to face too. The CR will help maintain the current funds, but is only temporary.

Democratic Whip Steney Hoyer said “we spend too much time, energy and capital here in getting people to vote for the first launch, for the takeoff.  Knowing damn well a lot of those same people won’t be there for the landing. He continued by saying “they won’t be there for the real appropriations package, the real numbers.”

He thinks that’s the biggest issue facing the passing of the bill. Dent also said “I’ve seen this movie before… And we all know how this is going to end.”

A National shutdown is close, so time for any sort of negotiations is small. The funds available can only last until October 1 2017. Congress has eight bills to vote on, but they won’t do all at once.

Blame Who?

The pressure of passing these bills is causing the members of the House to blame the Senators. Even though this is a norm, the House wants resolve.

“The best way to make this place work is to always get back to regular order, passing a budget, passing appropriations bills” Jim Renacci said.

Sen. Mark Meadows known for causing strife, wanted things to head in a new direction. He said “It’s definitely time for a change of strategy and tactic by our leadership.”

He also said “We’ve got to figure out how to bring everybody together, conservatives, moderates and the in between.” Meadows said he is willing to work with Democrats.

Paul Ryan the House Speaker made a separation with the bills before Congress. He didn’t want to scare members with a new approach. That amendment would have been unpopular. Four bills were passed and eight still await the vote from the House and Senate.

“We are establishing our marker for what’s going to have to be a negotiation to get there,” Rep. Bradley Byrn commented. Some believe the move will lead to negotiations with Democrats.

The infighting among Republicans is causing lots of delays. The Senate is having serious issues with moving forward in solidarity.

“They’re still working on making sure they have the votes to get it passed, and that’s the goal right now,” commented Jim Renacci. The infighting isn’t helping the cause. Jim Renacci is a member of the House Budget Committee.

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