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Russia Responds To American Sanctions By Ousting Diplomats

Sanctions on Russia by the Senate of the United States of America have caused a response from its Russian counterparts. The Senate recently imposed new sanctions that could cause further rift between the two Nations. One of the main reasons for the bill was because of Russia interfering with the 2016 election.

The Foreign Ministry said” the new law aims to use political tools to create dishonest competitive advantages for the United States in the global economy. Such blackmail, aimed at limiting cooperation between Russia and foreign partners, is a threat for many countries and for international business.”

President Donald Trump has to give the bill his approval, once approved the bill will officially take effect. Putin is waiting to see how Trump handles the situation. Putin’s remarks about the bill received praises from Trump.

Possible Retaliation

Russian officials told the U.S to cut their diplomatic staff. They also said they will take control of two U.S. diplomatic properties. Officials also warned the U.S about any sort of retaliation. Russia said if America tries to expel more Russian Diplomats, they would respond in kind.

The European Union also chimed in about the issue. They threatened to block future plans by the U.S. They mentioned a planned pipeline from Russia to Europe.

A spokesman in Brussels who represents the European Commission said “we will be watching how this process unfolds and then of course we will be watching equally attentively how this law, if and when it enters into force, will be applied in practice.”

Properties To Be Seized

Properties in Russia mentioned for seizure are a Moscow dacha compound and a U.S. diplomatic warehouse also located in Moscow.

America has already seized a Russian Diplomatic compound in New York and the other in Maryland. During that time the U.S sent home many Russian Diplomats.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has a lot to say about the sanctions. The Ministry stated that “hiding behind its ‘exceptionalism’, the United States arrogantly ignores the positions and interests of other Countries.”

Another statement also talked about “the extreme aggression of the United States in international affairs.”

The United States has Diplomats in consulates in St Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Vladivostok. 300 U.S workers are believed to work in the main Embassy in Moscow.

Trump and Putin met for the first time at the G20 Summit held in Germany. They both claimed the meeting was productive. But now with new sanctions, Russian Authorities are angry with the American Politicians.

The Russian Government also said “under the absolutely invented pretext of Russian interference in its domestic affairs, the United States is aggressively pushing forward, one after another, crude anti-Russian actions. This all runs counter to the principles of international law.”

“The adoption of the new sanctions law showed clearly that relations with Russia have become hostage to a domestic political battle in the United States,” the Foreign Ministry said.

The U.S. Embassy said the ambassador had expressed his “strong disappointment and protest.”

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