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House Spending Bill Gives Trump $1.6 Billion For Wall

It’s a bird, it’s a plane it’s the Trump wall. ( Ta ta da). That is me making a sound that accompanies the announcement. It seems a Trump wall will be in the works with the passing of the spending bill.

$ 1.6 billion of the $788 billion bill gives Trump enough money to start his wall. Hopefully his wall actually fairs better than the current one. Can a wall really stop those who dare to cross the border? Or is it just a small deterrent from the inevitable.

Lets Imagine

Imagine a wall, 30 feet high and with sections of visibility. You are walking along the border and you fail to see drugs coming over the wall. “Bam” it hits you in the head and you take it up and run. Running for your life since the border patrol could be close by.

Maybe you look and see hundreds of immigrants running to the wall, with a newly developed apparatus to help get people over the wall. It really seems like the “see through” section of the wall is a good idea.

Perhaps a privacy glass can be used, what do you think? Just like some of the buildings that have been built. You can see out, but not in. It would just mean you need some tough glass, that isn’t easily broken.

Trump’s wall might also have the ability to rise and fall. Like the promises of a 65 feet tall wall, to a more modest 30 feet. If this technological approach had to be taken, the $1.6 billion won’t stretch far. Imagine someone with a ladder or some other apparatus climbing the wall. It is 30 feet, piece of cake right? Then it starts to rise to 40 feet.

Oh no! They exclaimed and hustled down the ladder to rethink their strategy. Wow, now this would call for less border patrol agents. The wall could definitely handle itself with all this technology. Having sensors and cameras naked to the eye.

I mean this would be a great break through. Thinking about it brought Elon Musk and his underground speed machines to mind. I wonder if a wall like that would cause illegal immigrants to stop using the border as an entrance to the US.

Facing Reality

What about tunnels that can be dug under the walls? The wall has a plan to counteract any digging under it, but is 6 feet enough? The reality is we won’t know till the wall is built. Let’s just hope that persons are not desperate enough to dig 20 feet deeper to accomplish their goal.

What happens if the wall goes ahead at the suggested 6 feet and more immigrants make it? What will the solution be? Dig that new wall down and go deeper? Hopefully that isn’t the case, since only $1.6 billion has been offered so far.

Well it looks as though the wall will soon stretch a few hundred miles. The money being passed is the start, but the wall has to be actually built.

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