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Robert Mueller Zones In On White House Officials While Congress Carter Page

The Mueller investigative probe had reached a new level. Mueller charged some of those associated with Trump and set his eyes on the White House.

Those who had faced charges so far had some affiliation with Trump in the past. George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty while others pleaded not guilty.

Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Michael Flynn and son have all pleaded not guilty.

With these now facing the Courts, Mueller now tackled those even closer to the President.

Congress had also questioned Carter Page about his role while being an adviser to Trump. He was a campaign adviser to Trump prior to elections.

The inquiry looked into his meeting with pro-Russia Hungarian official during before election time.

White House Officials

Former Assistant Director of the FBI Ron Hosko compared Mueller’s meeting to one of an intelligence nature.

Hosko said “the art of getting close to someone is: ‘I give you opportunities, but I don’t make you uncomfortable, and I don’t have you push me away.”

Questions linger about Trump’s involvement in any connection with Russia and election tampering. Jared Kushner, Trump’s son in-law and Donald Trump Jr. could also face more questioning.

They have notably been a little too close to persons of interest from Russia. This had created red flags during the inquiry.

Carter Page

Carter Page was another person who had been close to Trump. He now faced questioning about meeting with Russian related persons.

This certainly won’t help Trump’s “no collusion” proclamation. Too many persons working for him have been too close to the Kremlin. His seemingly admiration of Putin doesn’t help either.

Page reportedly met with Jeno Megyesy back in September 2016. “I had the impression he didn’t deal with these issues on a regular basis,” Megyesy said.

During the meeting Megysey reportedly did most of the talking. Page had encouraged Sessions that Trump should go to Russia during his campaign.

What was also interesting about Page’s testimony was the contradiction about Sessions previous testimonies. as

In the early part of 2016 and then a few months later Sessions said he knew nothing. During questioning he appeared to had lost his memory.

Testimonies from others who were part of Trump’s team cleared up the matter for him.

There were seemingly too many connections for this to be coincidence. What still eludes investigators was a vital link that may prove Trump guilty of corruption.

So far only those around Trump have been affected or carry suspicion.

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