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President Trumps Says Military Will Help With Border Protection Until He Gets His Wall

President Trump was known for doing the unthinkable. He had done something that was never attempted by any other President.

His Military was required to defend its border along the stretch of Mexico till Trump could have his border wall. This was the latest in a series of comments made by the President in relation to immigration policy.

He made an attempt at getting the funding he needed but that fell through. He wanted $25 billion but received a meager $1.6 billion.

Trump also vowed that he would soon be taking action on immigration.

Military Takeover

There was security for the border which was run by the border patrol under the U.S. Customs. Trump however wasn’t pleased with the job being done as many Mexicans found their way into America.

“We’re going to be doing things militarily. Until we can have a wall and proper security, we’re going to be guarding our border with the military,” Trump said.

He considered the move a big step, the question was in the right direction or the opposite?

The President didn’t go into any details on how this would work leaving it to speculation at this time.

Another question that arose was what type of troops would be used. In some circumstances the National Guard took care of the borders of America and helped with Martial law. It was a possibility they could be used.

Trump’s Impatience

It was reported that Trump was very frustrated with the number of persons crossing into America. It was recently reported about the caravan which was being used by immigrants to enter the U.S.

A caravan was recently stopped in its tracks with mostly Honduras migrants. It was estimated that about 1100 persons could have been on the train.

“I said (to Mexican officials), ‘I hope you’re going to tell that caravan not to get up to the border.’ And I think they’re doing that because, as of 12 minutes ago, it was all being broken up, “Trump said.

It was clear that if Trump had his way he would have that wall up in a hurry. His biggest resistance comes from those who refuse to support such a large spending bill on a wall of that magnitude.

Trump had few days prior said that the Military would fund the wall. Now in just a few days since making such a claim he had now said the Military would protect the border.

Frustration was certainly mounting and was evident in that Trump was going all out to have America secured from unnecessary entry.

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