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Could President Trump’s Cancellation Of Meeting Be Mind Games Or Is It Something Else

President Trump decided to call off the meeting between Kim Jong-un and himself after much speculation.

Trump had said just a few days before it was possible the meeting wouldn’t happen. Matters got dire when Vice President Mike Pence claimed that North Korea was the ones who wanted to meet.

It was said that there were some concerns with demands that the U.S. wanted the Koreans to meet. Those demands weren’t addressed as hoped and it raised security concerns.

Trump said until the Koreans addressed those issues there would be no moving forward.

Kim Jong-un on the other hand said they were still willing to meet with Trump when he was ready.

This was surprising statement coming from the North Korean leader who was known for his hostility.

Meeting Cancelled

“You know, we’ve seen three generations of North Korean leaders engage in similar ploys in order to get relief from sanctions,” Mitch McConnell said. “It seems that the — Kim Jong-un is a chip off the old block and I think the president didn’t want to be played with.”

What was supposed to be an unprecedented meeting turned out to be just empty promises of peace.

Trump cancelled the meeting after a barrage of statements toward Mike Pence about what he said on National Television.

Trump began showing signs of doubt with statements he made earlier in the week. Then he eventually came to the point where he decided to cancel the meeting altogether.

It was believed that he cancelled before Kim could, whether this was true really meant nothing as the issue was still looming before all who were watching.

Many people felt that this meeting could signal a change in the International World. Now that the meeting was cancelled the hope of many people could be squashed.

Talks of peace reached nowhere as there seemed to be confusion in the Trump camp over how to approach meeting with Kim.

Kim Willing

Kim Jong-un said he was still willing t meet with Trump under any conditions he saw fit.

“As far as the historic (North Korea)-U.S. summit is concerned, we have inwardly highly appreciated President Trump for having made the bold decision, which any other U.S. Presidents dared not, and made efforts for such a crucial event as the summit,” Kim said. “His sudden and unilateral announcement to cancel the summit is something unexpected to us and we cannot but feel great regret for it.”

Kim said his efforts to meet with Trump were sincere ones and hoped that they could still meet at some point.

Kim said Pyongyang’s “objective and resolve to do our best for the sake of peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula and all humankind remain unchanged.”

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