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President Trump Refuses To Acknowledge Russian Threat Despite Claims By Intelligence Heads

The situation with the Russian investigation heated up as Adam Schiff said they won’t be revising their memo. President Trump refused to sign off on the memo saying the memo needed revisiting.

If the memo doesn’t meet Trump’s criteria then it won’t get any further than his desk. Schiff made it clear the memo stays except for slight redaction if any at all.

Any big problem was the concerns regarding Russia meddling in the affairs of America. Intelligence leaders said Russia was interfering in its political process via cyber activity.

The leaders also said that Trump wasn’t showing enough interest in the matter and that was a huge concern.

Security Worry

“This is an election year in our country, and it’s frankly frustrating to me that we haven’t passed legislation to help states strengthen the security of their voting systems,” Sen. Susan Collins said.

Many persons had grave concerns about Russian interference and it was certainly worrying to hear this.

“Persistent and disruptive cyber operations will continue against the United States and our European allies, using elections as opportunities to undermine democracy, sow discord and undermine our values,” said Dan Coats.

However Trump had a different idea about this, which could be ascertained from his statements.

Trump spoke in June 2017 at a press conference and said Russia and many other Countries are involved in cybercrimes.

“As far as hacking, I think it was Russia. But I think we also get hacked by other Countries and other people.”

Memo Turmoil

Investigators wanted to have all the facts about Russian collusion. Trump denied any part of the said allegations. However it was found that many of those close to him, including employees had some sort of contact with Russia.

The memo by Democrats was considered damaging to Trump and therefore he refused to sign it.

Now Schiff was making it clear that he wouldn’t be backing down.

“We’re not going to make any revisions to it. The only question is what redactions will be made. And obviously we’d like to keep those to a minimum,” Schiff told reporters.

“The White House has a different interest. I think their interest is in redacting anything that doesn’t reflect well on the White House,” Schiff added.

The system had a way of dealing with any accusation brought forth. It was heard and investigated to see if what was said has any truth to it.

Then decisions would be made by those in positions to do such. However that wasn’t the case here, I don’t like it so I won’t sign it.

Let us hope that this isn’t a constant trend for it could very well see the foundations of the Country in trouble.

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