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President Trump Comes Out On Top As Judge Rules In His Favor In The Appointment Of Director Of CFPB

A Judge recently ruled in favor of President Trump’s choice to head the CFPB. There could have been lots of frustration if someone wasn’t legally assigned.

It was reported there was some confusion about who was boss, but the judge settled it. The separate appointments of two different individuals by separate persons caused the issue.

Trump assigned Mick Mulvaney while Richard Cordray chose Leandra English. Corday was the Director who had resigned from the post.

It was a win for Trump but the lawyer for English said this wasn’t over. Deepak Gupta represented English and told reporters this wasn’t the end of the matter.

Judge Ruling

U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly ruled in favor of Trump. He gave Mulvaney the right to lead out as Director in CFPB.

English had messaged employees identifying herself as acting Director. On Monday Mulvaney told staff to ignore any orders from English.

“This court is not the final stop,” Gupta said after the hearing. “This judge does not have the final word on what happens in this controversy.”

Mulvaney had called the agency a “sad, sick joke.” So it was considered ironic that he would be given the post.

Could there be some sort of plan behind taking control of the agency?

Judge Praised

“The Administration applauds the court’s decision, which provides further support for the president’s rightful authority to designate Director Mulvaney as acting Director,” Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah said in a statement.

Justice Department lawyer Brett Shumate “Mulvaney is in office as the acting Director.”

Trump tweeted “just won the lawsuit on leadership of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, CFPB. A big win for the Consumer!”

Trump also praised members of his own Party. He tweeted “great day for Tax Cuts and the Republican Party. But the biggest Winner will be our great Country!”

In a few weeks the effects of the change in the leadership at the CFPB could be not noticed. The greatest concern might be how consumers would be affected.

The agency had been called a “consumer watchdog”, so should consumers be happy or afraid?

Could there be any connection with the takeover and Trump’s tax bill?

Things had certainly been going in the President’s favor, where all this leads was anyone’s guess.

We all just have to wait to find out who will benefit from all of the changes. Let us hope everyone benefit and not just a select few.

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