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North Korea Fires Another Missile And Security Council Plans Meeting

North Korea fired a missile recently that landed 1000 km into the Sea of Japan. This is North Korea’s second ICBM launch in under a month. The first successful launch was on July 4 2017. The second launch was on July 29, which means it only took 25 days to have their second successful launch.

French Ambassador to the U.N. Francois Delattre said North Korea is a 4g threat. He also said “That’s why we call for a firm and quick reaction including the adoption of strong additional sanctions by the Security Council.”

Urgent Meeting

The Security Council has requested a meeting for Monday July 31 2017. The request for the emergency meeting is due to the second test by the North Koreans.

The launch was condemned by Rex Tillerson who is the Secretary of State. He said it’s “in blatant violation of multiple United Nations Security Council resolutions that reflect the will of the international community.”

The missile had a range of 1000 km, which is a grave concern. 1000 km means Cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles are within range.

North Korean Supporters ?

Countries like China and Russia are helping North Korea. Tillerson said that China and Russia are “the principal economic enablers of North Korea’s nuclear weapon and ballistic missile development program.”

America and China started talks to find a resolution concerning North Korea. At present the negotiations haven’t produce any fruit.

In response to the talks between the 2 Super powers, China’s Ambassador to the U.N. Liu Jieyi gave a statement. He said “The context of a new resolution is that we both agree on the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.”

He also added “But we have to try to get back to talks and de-escalate tension.”

The US had recently added new sanctions on the North Koreans. These included freezing assets and oil imports just to name a few. The hope is to add the North Korean leader to a travel ban and also freeze his assets.

The additional sanctions have the support of Western Allies of the U.S.A. These allies are also on the Security Council.

North Korea has long been causing International headlines. The consistent test firing of missiles into the sea is causing concerns. Another cause for alert is the many threats Kim Jong Un has been making.

He has made many threats, but hasn’t fulfilled any presently. Even though his threats are hot air so far, it is still causing alarm. The fact of the matter right now is proof. The North Koreans have shown they possess the power to strike at far distances.

It also means their level of capability is high, making them more of a threat. Also concerning is the belief that Russia is giving the Koreans support. The Russians and the US are not in good relations as things stand.

With China being a close ally of North Korea doesn’t help either. The Trump Administration is hoping that negotiations with China can bring some sort of resolve and security to the situation.

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