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Many Democrats Willing To Work With The President As They Seek Reelection

Democrat Senators are willing to work with Trump. This is all in the hope of regaining their seat. Senator for Indiana Joe Donnelly is one such person.

Donnelly faced skepticism about his ability to work with Trump. He had a recent dialogue with a worker who wanted to remain anonymous.

The worker said “President Trump, I think, has got a long road ahead of him. And I hope you can back him on some things, because I think he has the country’s best interest at heart.”

Party Dilemma

The intention of working with the President has these Democrats at odds with Party leaders. These Democrats are seeking reelection by those who put them there in the first place.

The supporters want them to assist Trump as he works for the benefit of the Country. There are ten such Senators who are running to regain their seat.

Some of the States up for grabs include West Virginia, Missouri and North Dakota. Sen. Donnelly represents Indiana and the State of Montana is in their as well.

Democrats have long been resisting Trump. The Senators have promised to work with him hoping to regain their seat.

Senator Sen. Claire McCaskill said “My job isn’t to fight the President. My job is to fight for you.” She represents the State of Missouri at the moment.

Donnelly And Constituents

Senator Donnelly’s biggest challenge comes from those he represents. Many have made it clear what they want from him.

Kaye Whitehead had a lot to say to Donnelly. She is a farmer and was once a Republican County Party Chairman.

She said “There are a lot of issues on the table that the Senator will have to vote for or against. And I’m interested in seeing how he proceeds.”

There was no mixing of words as she made herself clear. “We need to support the President of the United States no matter who it is. I really think he’s got some good ideas, but nobody gets on board,” she said.

Efforts were made to discredit Donnelly. His family owns a business that hires Mexican workers to produce some of its products.

In an effort to separate himself from being branded, the Senator has sold his stake in the business. Despite doing so he has been branded as “Mexican Joe.”

600 workers lost their jobs at Carrier Corp recently. This caused Democrats to criticize Trump. Donnelly was in support of Trump and he spoke positively of the President.

He said “there’s more jobs that stayed after he got involved than there was before he got involved.” It is true that many more jobs have been created since Trump became President.

Jobs will be a big part of election time. Employment was one of the main focuses of the Senator.

Donnelly has been busy traveling through the State. He has been facing many of the issues the people face head on.

Donnelly visited a facility for homeless veterans in Winchester. He has been fighting to help farmers with crop insurance programs.

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