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A Look Back At The Most Controversial Political Topics Of 2017

The year of 2017 saw Trump taking up his Presidential office. It was a shocking win for him that saw many World Leaders appalled by the November 2016 results.

One of the first things Trump did after obtaining office was the travel ban. This caused a wave of protest throughout the United States. He signed his first Executive order that day, with many more to come.

The ban was stayed for a while but eventually Trump did get his way coming to the latter part of the year. He revisited his ban making some changes and saw the original ban being thrown out.

More Trouble

Trump then created a voters fraud commission. He had made accusations that many persons voted illegally. Nothing was ever proven and the Committee eventually went dark. Members questioned what was ongoing with the panel.

The greatest issue came when the committee wanted the varying States to pass sensitive information on voters, but many refused.

Another highlight was the constant firing and hiring in the Trump Administration. The first few months in office saw many persons losing their post to another. Some forcibly resigned or others fired.

Then there was the NFL and its protest. Trump was adamant that those who wouldn’t stand for anthem be fired. This led to a barrage of statements from players of various sports. Trump continued to press the matter for weeks.

There were also the riots which saw Trump making comments considered controversial. The White Nationalists and Antifa faced off over monuments.

This was and still remained a problem for the Country.

The Trump / Kim bashing seemed like an inevitable war but it never became an issue. North Korea tested many missiles while Trump did various air drills in the Korean Peninsula.

Biggest Highlights

One of the biggest controversies was the Russian probe. Many believed that Trump was involved in tampering with the election outcome.

At this point nothing was found to directly implicate him. Yet it was worrying how many of his campaign team members were guilty of communication with Russia.

This particular controversy was expected to continue into next year.

Then there was the awful sexual misconduct cases plaguing Congress and the President. The allegations ripped apart the film industry with big names facing accusations. This saw multiple shows being cancelled or persons getting fired.

The allegations affected electoral races; most significant was that of Roy Moore and Doug Jones. Big names facing allegations were Al Franken and John Conyers.

It was also reported that Congress paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements.

Many other events took place but these were some of the biggest by far.

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