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Could An Interview Between President Donald Trump And Robert Mueller Be Inevitable?

It was believed that at some point that President Trump and Special Counsel Mueller would meet.

Robert Mueller had requested an interview with Trump for months now, but nothing had happened to this point.

There were times when Trump was willing to meet but was advised by allies and his own legal team to avoid such a meeting.

However the possibility of that changing could become a reality.

Trump had been recently said he wanted the Russian probe ended but didn’t push for its end.

Many of Trump’s lawyers, past and present claimed the inquiry would soon end but no such thing had happened.

Eye Opener

A former Justice Department official, Harry Litman felt that what had been ongoing should be an eye opener for the public.

“Team Trump’s hope presumably is they can string Mueller along until enough time has passed that the refrain of ‘wrap it up’ will have more force and the public attributes to Mueller the blame for a delay from a subpoena battle,” said Litman. “But that battle, if it comes, means the probe hovers over the election. It’s a complicated series of calculations for both sides.”

He was speaking regarding a statement made by Trump’s lawyer Rudolph Giuliani.

“This should be over with by Sept. 1,” Giuliani said regarding the probe. He was speaking on a radio show with another of Trump’s lawyers, Jay Sekulow.

“We have now given [Mueller] an answer. Obviously, he should take a few days to consider it. But we should get this resolved.” Sekulow added, “I think it will end soon. I never give dates; some of my colleagues give dates.”

Trump may have something going for him but it may be more to do with those who could testify against him.

If Trump faced an interview it was possible that his statements could turn against him.


Some of the challenges the President could face would be those with whom he had previous contact.

Some of his former allies were now facing the Court and others faced questioning by Senate.

Paul Manafort could find himself in a bind as his former partner witnessed against him. If Manafort was found guilty would he be willing to testify against Trump to make a deal?

Then there was Roger Stone, who said he wouldn’t testify against Trump.

However could his statement signify that there was anything he held of value to the President?

Could that be something detrimental to Trump, if so, what would that be?

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