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Donald Trump Jokes That Barron Trump Is Next To Be Accused In Russia Probe

President Trump joked yesterday that his son would be next to face the inquiry about Russia. What if he actually was called to answer questions and Trump didn’t like the answer? His son is 11 years old, and though he has stood by his father during the election campaign he is still a kid.

Children can tend to go either way with a conversation. They may reveal information we would rather keep private or do exactly what you want them to do, keep quiet. Most of the time it is based on feelings, or the present environment they find themselves in.

What if ?

Imagine little Barron saying this to the Senate investigators, “yes my big brother did meet with a Russian lady, I heard him and daddy talking about it, but it was for a good cause right”? Poor kid doesn’t know what his answer can really do to hurt his father’s already low credibility. Which continues to drop even as we speak, and though the polls say just that, Trump continues to convince himself all is well.

How long can the charade be continued before everything erupts, lets hope little Trump doesn’t actually have to face investigators. If he does Trump’s tune might very much change, since we have often seen this to be the case. As a father I would personally ask myself, why should I say anything to put my young son in the spotlight or have him face the ravaging wolves who will question him about serious matters the Country faces?

Too Late For Barron ?

Either way the cat is out of the bag and little Trump could be getting a little worried, since facing a tribunal is not for the faint of heart. When he finds the courage he should ask daddy why he did such a thing? What about the First Lady , did she have anything to say about the statement or does she agree?

Hopefully not, as such a thing would make the lad feel all alone in big cold world of politics. With statements like these from the President, the thought is always, what is next? Will we actually go a day without some sort of fiasco or comments. Will we have a normal day at all, or will everyday be a sitcom, one drama after the next?

The Russian probe has created quite a stir with officials for a while now, and shows no sign of easing up. That is understandable, since Russia is a Superpower and are very close to the United States. With all the drama playing “chicken” in the air, it doesn’t help how America views Russia.

Playing games like those are deadly, one mistake and many lives could be lost. What if a Russian fighter flies close to an American plane or ship and loses control what then?

Sarcasm may have been on Trump’s mind when he spoke of his son being questioned, but Russian dealings is no joke. How many more jesters and criticisms of others will it take before the President wakes up from his slumber and lead like a true leader?

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